Poll: Which booties should I get?

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Which pair of booties should I get?

  1. Swedish Hasbeens lace-ups

  2. Opening Ceremony wedge bootie

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Hi everyone! I have been looking high and low for a pair of perfect booties for F/W. I want something with a bit of a heel that I can dress up or down. I narrowed it down to these 2 options: the Swedish Hasbeens lace-ups or the Opening Ceremony platform bootie. I love both but should probably only get one, as I am hoping this will be an investment piece. I'm not sure if I can get the OC ones as I'm not sure how they fit and they seem to be sold out in my usual size (I wear an 8.5 but I usually size up to a 9, although wedges often seem to fit large on me so I have been able to size down to an 8 in the past).

    If anyone has either of these booties I would love to hear your input as well!

    Thanks so much!

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  2. i love the second pair! they're really cute!
  3. The black ones! You said you want an investment piece which means you want something that's more classic. Wedges are so easy to wear too. :yes:

    Not fond of the heel shape on the tan one and I also don't like the contrasting laces or the fact that it's like a clog boot? Very odd.
  4. black ones are really cool looking - they definitely get my vote
  5. I love the black ones too, I am just worried about the fit! I found them online for a better price than on Shopbop.com.
  6. black
  7. The second pair looks really cool!
  8. Oc!!
  9. Wow overwhelming votes for the black pair! I have both coming but the black pair will arrive first. I had to order an 8 since the price from that site was the best - crossing my fingers that they fit!

    Is it possible to stretch this style of boot? I have never stretched shoes before.
  10. I would take them to a cobbler and ask.....and I like the black ones as well..
  11. definitely the wedge!! You'll get more use out of them I would think.
  12. the black wedge
  13. the black wedge ones, they look beautiful!
  14. Update: A funny thing happened... I got the OC ones and they were really cute (but a bit tight) but I just didn't LOVE them. And for that price, they should be perfect. I am thinking maybe I am not that huge of a fan of wedges. At any rate,
    I still really like the Swedish Hasbeens clog booties and they are still coming so
    I can still try them out. I know they weren't popular on here but they are being knocked off all over the place. I also bought a pair of JC cheetah wedges that I am very unsure about, I was hoping to get a work-appropriate pair. I have also seen another JC pair that has a small heel and might suit my purpose for classy work shoes. So many decisions!