Poll: Which Birkin would you pick??


Which Birkin would you pick??

  1. BJ in Togo PH 35

  2. Black in Togo PH 35

  3. Black in VL PH 35

  4. H Orange in Togo PH 35

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. For my future purchase....I'd love to know other Hermes-lovers thoughts..... If you are to pick one Birkin, which one will you pick for me? My only H-bag is a Vert Chartreuse 35 in Clemence. After buying one more Birkin, I'll venture on to Lindy or Massai. I'm very casual, most of the times in jeans/cargo pants. So here goes the choice.

    -BJ in Togo PH
    -Black in Togo or VL PH
    -H Orange in Togo PH

    Other non-H bags I frequently use are Chanel Red Jumbo Flap, Chanel Cambon Reporter in Black, LV Le Fab in White, LV Le Tal in Blue.(I have other bags but they are rather trendy)
  2. You seem to really like color, so I vote for either orange or blue jean!
  3. I would go with either Blue Jean or Black VL!!! But, having met you in person and seeing how much you love color, I really think you should go for Orange! I think you would love it and would wear it incredibly well!!!
  4. I am one of those people who believes that everyone "needs" a black Birkin, so I voted for the blk VL, which is stunning. But the Orange Togo would have been a close 2nd.....
  5. I agree with MrsMorris. You already own clemence and togo is similar; so I voted for VL too.
  6. I only picked black togo because I have alot of colored bags...but I really love the idea of orange!
  7. Wintotty, I think we have rather similar tastes...! :p

    Other than the size and HW difference, I have the Black, the BJ (exact) and the H-Orange Birkins you are considering!
    I also have 2 of those other bags you have listed (and will rob your Vert Chartreuse if you let me anywhere near you...)! :graucho:

    I feel that you have covered most colours and have lotsa variety in your collection so my vote is for a Black Birkin next.

    It will be something you can carry often, not worry about getting it dirty, and if you can take the weight....Bring it on holidays with you! ;)
    I prefer stiffer leathers myself but since your current Birkin is a Clemence, and you say you are a casual dresser looking for squishy bags like a Lindy next....I'd suggest moving just a notch to Togo first....:yes:
  8. Hmm.... practical side of me is telling me to get a Black Birkin....but BJ and Orange colors are very hard to let go of... Funny thing is, Chanel Cambon Reporter is the only Black bag I own.

    Accessorize, I saw your action pics of BJ and Orange...they are gorgeous. Do you find either of them hard to match with clothing?
  9. How about price? Is VL more expensive than Togo?? I have no idea....VL is lighter than Togo, right?
  10. Black VL....I want that too!!! SO beautiful!!!:tup:
  11. Thanks Wintotty!! :shame:
    Yeah...I know what you mean. My coloured Birkins are so much more fun and receive way more compliments compared to my Black but I do carry my Black the most often and thus far, it is the only one that travels with me. (The lighter colours stress me more....:sweatdrop:)

    Both BJ and Orange are equally easy to wear. ;) However, I do find that sometimes I have to dress around them unlike with my Black bags (Non H ones too).....I just grab the right one after I have picked my outfit!
    I'd say in terms of versatility of both a casual/dressy style....Black wins hands down! :yes:
  12. Yes. If I am not mistaken, VL is just under chevre in price. It is definitely lighter weight than Togo. My one suggestion is you are going that route is to be sure that you see *your* bag if you choose VL, because I have noticed that they each seem to look a little different.
    For instance, if you put two Gold VL bags next to one another, it's likely that one will look a shade darker than the other. It's because of the specific and unique raised grain of VL, I think...the top of the grain is a bit darker than the bottom of the grain. It's less so with black than the other colors, though, so this might be a moot point for you after all.

    As for wearability, I don't have a Blue Jean bag, but I have seen it paired successfully with all sorts of outfits, from a conservative navy suit to a fun yellow sundress and just about everything in between.
    I do have an orange bag (non-H, I'm afraid), and I really love wearing it with lots of things. I especially like the way it looks with denim, though my standard "uniform" of black on black doesn't quite work as well on me with an orange bag. Except on October 31. Hehehe.
  13. I would have voted for BJ, but noticed you already have a blue Le Tal! So I voted for orange. Black togo would be my 3rd choice after that.
  14. I voted for black togo.:heart:
  15. Amen. Well said.