Poll: Which bags will go on sale?

  1. Maybe not a popular topic:nuts: but want to unleash pfers' prediction power:sweatdrop: no one is being held accountable for anything:roflmfao:
  2. the naked ones
  3. I second that
  4. the big green leather tote with black handles and CC charm
  5. nakeds and biarritz
    maybe afew perforated too like the red/orange ones
  6. Naked one. Anything from Cruise collection (seasonal one like the prints)
  7. Animal prints....
  8. Baby animals and naked line...
  9. ^^ITA:yes:
  10. I think so too!
  11. i second the naked flaps/totes; the naked chanel flats were just on sale a few days ago...
  12. Are these sales just going on at the boutiques or NM and Saks?
  13. I think it is too soon that the naked bag and Paris B. tote will go on sale this coming summer sale. Maybe some cruise collection bags and some cambon bag with cc snakeskin.