POLL! Which bag to wear!


What bag should I wear to a LV private shopping event??

  1. Dentelle Silver Fersen

  2. MOKA neverfull MM

  3. Perle Limelight Clutch

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I am going to a LV private shopping event this week. My dilemma is what bag to wear!!

    So give me your opinions, should I wear:

    Dentelle Silver Fersen
    MOKA Neverfull MM
    Perle Limelight

    I will probably be wearing black head to toe ;) if this helps.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Mirage
  3. Thats not an option ho. Seriously you think I should wear the mirage??? Really??
  4. They're all so different. I guess limelight if you're getting dressed up. Neverfull if your going more casual and Dentelle if your going inbetween...lol
    Alot of help I was...Have fun at the event!!
  5. def the neverfull moca :p
  6. Now that I saw that I vote limelight:yes:
  7. I think the Limelight better fits with your outfit!
  8. I voted for the limelight!
  9. I say limelight! It will pop against black and will look so chic carried under your arm!
  10. I also say the limelight, may be fancier with your outfit for this event.
  11. I say the MOCA neverfull just because no one else will have one.
  12. I am floored no one is picking the fersen! I swear that was what I was 90% sure of wearing!!!
  13. OK limelight....like I said...It looked awesome last night and I had on all black...very chic. (or the Mirage....)
  14. my vote is for Perle Limelight.... classy for that occasion...
  15. black head to toe ... definitely the limelight!