Poll which bag in Wine pebbled glossy

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Which style in wine glossy pebbled

  1. WTM/WTM midi

  2. LM/LM midi/ LM mini

  3. Hug Mes

  4. TMA/TMA midi

  5. Take Me Anywhere

  6. TME/ TME midi

  7. Hold Me

  8. Stroke Me

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I thought I would set up a poll to see which style is most popular in wine glossy!
  2. isn't TMA = 'take me anywhere' ? If so there are duplicates on the survey...
  3. Sorry I meant Take me away!
  4. I voted for the regular size TMA, but I would also be up for a large HM!!!!
  5. Yeah, 6 for LM! I think it's time to start a separate thread to try to get a bespoke going.
  6. I"m trying to coordinate a bespoke for the wine large HM. Please feel free to join!:smile:
  7. I voted TME because I am in love with the pics of the chocolate in that style. it's a beautiful bag that suits this leather perfectly.
  8. I'm now leaning toward a large TME. I may wait until I receive my black pebbled glossy to make sure I love it, although I have little doubt I will. Then I'll see if there's any interest in a group bespoke or do one individually.
  9. Chris, I"d LOVE a wine pebbled TME for the fall. You can count me in on your bespoke journey. But, I"m thinking April/May? How about you? I know Jackie's workshop can't start producing another bespoke until March/April anyway and the Hug Me will start first. Let me know your timeline and this will be fun for us to do a bespoke together (again). hehe
  10. I'll look forward to working on this one with you!
  11. I just heard back from Rose. I wrote to her about this leather because I was considering a large HM in it but I didn't want to commit until I saw what the hobo looked like. She said that Jackie is working on getting it and will try to have a picture of the hobo by march! SO....I am still on the fence as to what bag to get!