Poll: Which bag do you like best??


Which bag do you think I should get?

  1. Beverly MM

  2. Petite Bucket

  3. Multicolore Eliza

  4. None of above, will give suggestion in thread

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  1. It might take me about 2 months to get it but I want a new Lv bag, and I prefer one that I can carry on my shoulder. (Speedys, Almas and such are out). I have listed my fav 3 bags off Eluxury with pics. I dont want to spend more than $1200.

    #1 Is the Beverly MM priced just under $1100

    # 2 is the petite bucket at $885


    # 3 is the Monogram multicolore Eliza at $935
  2. I like the Eliza the best...the push lock on the Beverly is pretty but prone to fingerprints and is a bit cumbersome when you're in a hurry.
  3. I like the Eliza the best but Im worried about the size for holding stuff and also staining the multicolore (Ive never had a multicolore).
  4. Have you looked at the Batignolle or the Cabas Piano? Both are great shoulder bags!
  5. i love the beverly MM, seems like a good buy too.
  6. Beverly MM good size bag.
  7. i love the Beverly MM, looks really nice.
  8. Tikal PM/GM, Viva-Cite MM/GM, are great exterior pocket shoulder bag, Boulogne, Coussian GM for clean cut style.

    Beverly MM is really not that big IRL.
  9. MC Eliza :love:
  10. I like the bucket. Love the fact you can 'see' everything at once so easily
  11. Gorgeous kitties sweet pees!!
  12. I voted for the Beverly MM because it's a new style and I'm pheening for the largest version of that bag.
    I love multicolore the best tho but in my personal experience I have had color transfer happen on my white bags on both my keepall and shirley while being stored.
    The bucket allows for easy access to everything, but if you're not careful everything will spill out of the top.
    Tough decision. Good luck!
    There is also a new multicolore bag coming out that's similar to the new beverly but it's called a marilyn and it's supposed to be under $1200 with a release date tentatively of April 15th but it will probably be May according to my SA. That gives you more time to save. :smile:

  13. I like the Beverly MM :heart:
  14. I like the Eliza the best out of the three. If I ever buy a MC bag it will be the Eliza.
  15. I like the beverly mm the best.