Poll: When a color in epi becomes discontinued, do you...

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  1. think of it as a good thing or a bad thing when you already have an item in that color??

    i'm wondering about this as I have a friend who said that discontinued colors no matter how nice they were when they first came out sell for cheaper in the future since no one wants them as much as those that are still currently out. this has got me thinking as i told her i am thinking of getting a cassis speedy or alma and now we're debating about it. :thinking::sos: TIA guys!
  2. I'd say that items in discontinued colors sell for more, not less, because of the fact that you can't find that particular color in LV any longer. I know that I've had people offer me money for my Fawn Epi Speedy because the color was discontinued many years ago (and because the piece has gold hardware). GL!
  3. As a good thing..:smile: Cos I'll forever regret not buying the Mandarin speedy that came out years ago...! Till now Im still wishing i had bought it!
  4. I agree - why two threads?