Poll..what would you do? Cartier diamond JUC, PG JUC and TB or Panthere ring?

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Which would be the best choice for me?

  1. Pink gold JUC with diamonds

  2. White gold JUC with diamonds

  3. Plain pink gold JUC and a tennis bracelet later

  4. Panthere ring

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Hi all,

    I am torn about a next purchase so could use some advice here.
    Not going to buy soon, but I am considering to buy one of these options by the end of this year instead of a new H. bag :P.
    I never thought I would consider a JUC, but it is growing on me now.
    Could use some opinions/advice here :smile:

    I am so torn and would like to buy something that is also great on the long run.
    Options that I am considering are:

    1. Pink or white gold JUC with diamonds (not full pave, but the one with diamonds on the head and tail).
    2. Pink gold JUC without diamonds and looking for a tennis bracelet later to add some bling.
    3. This Panthere ring:

    Here are two pictures of the Cartier pieces that I usually wear.
    Cartier Love bracelet, small Ballon Bleu watch and multi colored rainbow Love ring.
    What do you think that would work best for me and why?
    If I decide to go for the diamond JUC, should I go for PG or WG? I sometimes wear WG or silver necklaces (like the Tiffany onyx tassel necklace below, but I love my long silver Gucci bamboo necklace as well).

    But then again, I love the Panthere ring in the above link too, but I probably will get more use out of a bracelet. However, feel free to enable me with Panthere modeling pics :graucho:.
    I love classic style, but I can be very casual too.
    Please advice me, thank you in advance :biggrin:.

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  2. I am not a fan of pink gold so my vote goes to JUC WG with diamonds or panthére ring.

    How about JUC bracelet in white gold which would look amazing with tennis bracelet.

    Attaching pic of my love bracelets with JUC. I have added a tennis bracelet to the mix (this pic is couple of months old). Good luck deciding.

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  3. I love rose gold. It goes with my skin tone. If you can wear it, get the Rose JUC
  4. Get the Panthere, it's Cartier and so very cool!
  5. Ahhh, that beautiful JUC ring again :love:!
    Your stack looks perfect, dear Rami :hugs:.

    Funny that you mentioned white gold...a while ago I met a stylist/personal shopper and I asked her which metal goes better with my skintone. She recommended white gold too :P.
    I am not in a hurry with this purchase, as I want to take my time to think carefully about it so that I make the right decision.
    I am going to Cartier in July to try on some pieces, and I will keep the white gold in my mind too. At this point, I am still leaning towards RG with diamonds, but perhaps I will fall in love with WG once I try it on.
    Do you have a pic of your stack with the TB, would love to see :biggrin:.
  6. Hi dear,

    Yes, the Panthere ring is pretty cool, isn't it?
    But I think I might get more use out of a bracelet.
    I am going to Paris this summer, so I plan to try on some pieces then, hopefully it will help me decide.
    As long as I don't get sidetracked by H. that is :graucho:.
  7. You are a sweetheart! Thank you. Try everything on and take pics so you could glance on 'em once you are home. Give it sometime before committing. Good luck.

    Here is the pic.

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  8. Thank you, looks beautiful on you but your dear dog steals the show here :lol:.

    Yes, I need a lot of time to decide...my head is spinning while I haven't tied anything on yet, lol.
    One moment I think I should go for JUC, and the other moment I try to visualize how nice the green eyes of the Panthere ring would work with something malachite from VCA (and I don't even have anything malachite from VCA, that is the most dangerous part) :sweatdrop:.
  9. OMG! I thought I was the only crazy one :lol: :graucho:

    I was thinking how beautifully the VCA mop with white gold combined with my tennis bracelet and maybe white gold JUC (which I don't have) or WG Love with all diamonds (again which I don't have) would look!! I saw one TPF members stack - this is a very dangerous place lol.

    Thank you! Gingy likes to strategically place himself in my pics. He is very precious to me :heart:
  10. That panther ring is to die for!!
  11. Panthere!
  12. Panthere
  13. white gold juc with diamonds.. aside from cartier wg (without diamonds) not being rhodium plated ( less icy looking, more like stainless steel in long run), juc with diamonds is just a lot more wow and feminine. juc without diamonds is edgy look.i have yg juc with diamonds, no regrets.also ur love bracelet is yellow or pink, and your bb watch is two tone.. wg juc will balance this, i think... orrrr... just go crazy and get the panthere ring ( love cats!!)
  14. OMG tough choice! I have the RG JUC w/diamonds so I'm partial to that, but I also have the Panthere ring and I LOVE it. My 10 year old has already claimed it as hers and it's small enough to be elegant as well as edgy. I'm no help, am I? :P
  15. And how about a VCA tiger's eye bracelet to go with your beautiful new B. :graucho:?
    If you lived close to me, it would fun to go shopping together (but also very dangerous for our wallets I am afraid :lol:).

    Haha, I am still undecided. Wish I could take both as well, but that's not an option yet.
    However, the Panthere ring is growing on me though :sneaky:.
    Feel free to post some of your fabulous enabling pics in this thread, especially of your beautiful Panthere ring :love:.

    Thank you for your opinions so far, everyone!
    Keep them coming :tup:.