POLL: what should i do? LV graffiti

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what should i do?

  1. sell the peach

  2. sell the khaki

  3. keep both

  4. keep both + buy silver

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. currently i have the peach graffiti pochette

    and soon to arrive the khaki pochette (which i purchased on impulse)

    i was just wondering if it was too crazy keeping them both? or is having one graffiti piece enough seeing that it's exactly the same bag just in a different colour.

    so should i
    1) sell the peach
    2) sell the khaki
    3) keep them both
    4) keep them both and get the silver one (in the future) to complete the set!
  2. Well you already have 2 of the 3 right? So, why not complete the set? :smile:
  3. One can never have too much graffiti IMO!:love: V
  4. I love the graffiti! I just got the peach pochette from a seller a couple weeks ago and I love carrying it-I'm thinking of getting a silver one too! Not too fond of the khaki but I think you should complete your set! :heart:
  5. thanks!
    i just needed some reassurance that i wasnt going crazy by geting multiples of the same item ..
  6. KEEP THEM BOTH!!!:love: the GRAFFITI line!!!
  7. i say keep them both- but if you ever want to get rid of one, please let me know! ;)
  8. I love the grafitti line too. Keep them both.
  9. If you really love the two that you have already you should keep them. ANd but the silver, so you have a range of colours. Good luck.
  10. If you're already collecting then keep both and get the 3rd. If it doesn't matter much to you then sell the khaki and then get the silver. I really don't like the khaki at all and if I ever got it, it'd probably sit in my closet.
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