Poll: What neutral colored bag (black, brown etc) do you carry the most?

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  1. As of right now I find myself using my black YSL deerskin besace flap bag the most. What bag of yours gets the most use? I know some people prefer black as their quintessential neutral color, while others prefer dark brown, cognac, as well as other colors. Out of these which one gets the most usage? As I have a couple of black bags but many of them are fancier totes . . for everyday my YSL gets the most mileage. you?
  2. Hmm...good question. I like to use my Kate Spade black tote the most. On the other hand, i've been using my MJ stam a lot. I think -black- would probably be the neutral colored bag i carry the most. I have a cognac colored one which i haven't really used yet..and that's only for when the mood hits me.
  3. I've been carrying my Sak Silverlake Flap in dark amber since I got it in November. That color goes with absolutely everything! The style works well for my casual wardrobe too.
  4. I just bought a gorgeous Prada in metallic brown/bronze ombre', which for me is ultimate neutral. It really goes with everything.

    Otherwise it would be brown/tan for winter and sand for summer.

    I do not own any black bags because I don't find it neutral at all. For me, black bags are large blobs of darkness which can destroy even the best outfit, exactly because women think "black goes with everything". I would not rule black out completely, as it may be interesting in some occasions, but so far I noticed that I can live happily without.
  5. I think it would have to be a Cole Haan hobo that I always seem to be drawn to when I can't decide what else to wear.
  6. I carry my black city the most. I find myself only using my brown bag (a Chloe python silverado) in the warmer months as I'm afraid that it will get ruined with snow..also it doesn't really go as well with my winter wardrobe.
  7. I use my chocolate Mulberry Bayswater most of the time, as it is the bag I use for university. It is not my favourite though (that has to be my Mulberry Ledbury)
  8. Depending on what new clothes I've purchased recently I go through phases where I will use my black bags more than my brown ones and vise versa. I wear a lot of black, brown, grey and cream or white, so the bag I really use the most as my "neutral" is my red Guccisima leather Signoria dome bag. It is the most perfect shade of deep red and goes with so many of my outfits that I can use it for weeks before needing to grap a bag of a different color. I'm hoping to purchase an Hermes Birkin soon and due to the price (it will probably be a one time only type of purchase), I've given a lot of thought to what color would be the most versatile, and I think I'm going to get a shade in the brown family.
  9. Black. Though I am finding myself gravitating towards dark brown lately. And the wine red color ^^
  10. I wore an olive green bag today. But I actually think that MOST colours can work in a neutral way. The tone is the most important thing, IMO.
  11. I wear black all the time!! I love it...it goes with anything I think. I have a black patent bag with gold hardware that I use all the time, before that was a grape purple color bag I used all the time. My wardrobe is usually black, and if theres colors I use purple and blue.
  12. I tend to get more black bags then any other color. I'm trying to get away from the black/brown thing and go more for color.
  13. Black bags have to be really interesting for me to own them at all, and then I always feel bad when I carry them because I have so many better colors! I do lean toward brown as a neutral, but I hate being thought of as neutral anything.
  14. Black, Mulberry Roxanne for the most part although now I have moved on to orange Mulberry Laurie. Black will always be the most useful colour bag to have though.
  15. i've been rotating my chanels lately... between the double flap lambskin and coco cabas