Poll: what kind of bag on vacation with kids

Which bag should I take on vacation

  • Carry one of your regular big bags

  • Go for a small one

  • Small one...such as (please post which one)

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Oct 6, 2007
We're leaving tomorrow to go to Lancaster Penn for the week. I have three little ones (9,6 and 4). I tend to carry big bags. We will be going to a lot of amusement parks, etc. Should I bring a small bag instead and leave my big bag at home? If so anyone have any recommendations that I could get my hands on today?


On a ball field
Sep 1, 2007
Land of OZ
Personally, I would bring 2. One big and one small. I too, prefer to carry a big bag but I can't imagine carrying a big bag around an amusement park all day. If you feel like you need to have a bag for stuff I'd find something small and crossbody. When our family went to an amusement park this summer, I just wore cargo shorts and fit all I needed in the pockets, I didn't need much more than a few credit cards, phone, sunblock wipes & lipgloss. I really didn't want to carry a purse all day and worry about where to put it while we rode rides or where to set it while we stopped to eat. I'd use my regular, big bag for any excursions that you take where it isn't an all day thing.

Have fun on your vacation!


Emma 4ever in my <3
May 23, 2009
My suggestion is a Kipling, very strong and lightweight and can survive spillage. Of course, take one of your regular bags for the evening as well. Have fun!


Aug 10, 2009
I dunno bout you guys but If I have kids a long I'll be bringing two bags. I'll have a big and waterproof luggage, a small and lightweight shoulder bag for wallets and other essentials and lastly, a small bag that cna be carried by the kids for their essentials too. Just in case they get lost, the kids have food, money, IDs and phone numbers with them. ;)