Poll: What is your favourite colour of AW06 season?


Which is your favourite colour from the current season?

  1. Greige

  2. Grenat

  3. Blue Roi (Blueberry)

  4. Rouge Vif

  5. Sapin (Dark Green)

  6. Truffle

  7. Marron (Dark Brown)

  8. Blue India

  9. Camel

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Hi Everyone!

    I was just trying to figure out which colour is my favourite from the current season :shrugs:

    I love all of the colours so much that I own a bag in each one except Sapin! :graucho:

    So, I'm curious......now we have all had time to reflect on the colours, if you could only vote for one colour as your favourite this season, which would it be?

    Thanks everyone :flowers:

    (I've left white and black out seeing as they produced almost every season)
  2. That's quite a collection you must have Balchlfen (would love to see pics). I can't choose just one colour, but two: greige and rouge vif. I adore them both.
  3. I have to pick 2 also, GRIEGE and BLUEBERRY :yahoo:
  4. Blueberry definitely......the Sapin is gorgeous...theres one on ebay now thats whispering my name.
  5. rogue vif and blue india......
  6. rouge vif...and also grenat:yes:
  7. i looove the truffle its a neutral plus great leather
  9. Opps! I realised after I'd posted what I'd said....I don't have the three colours from the main collection (Marron, Camel and BI) - I do have Truffle, Grenat, Greige, Blueberry, White, Black and Rouge Vif :yahoo:

    I will do a pic soon of all my collection :yes:
  10. I voted for the rouge vif... it looks absolutely stunning!
  11. Blueberry.... =)
  12. Grenat:yahoo::love:
  13. Rouge VIF takes top spot, followed closely by Greige. Then Grenat, Marron, Blue India, Sapin, Camel, & Truffe.
  14. Rouge Vif ... no question :yahoo:
  15. Rouge and greige:love: