poll: what is your everyday bag and what is your lifestyle?

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  1. me: i'm a stay at home mom, and my choice would be the LV Neverfull in Damier Ebene. it's a great catch all bag, and is nice and light. however, i wish my everyday bag could be the 10" classic flap.
  2. I'm a working mom and I rotate through my "work" bags. Currently using a Goyard Artois which is great. I use a variety of tote type bags for work - Mulberry Bayswater, Alexander McQueen padlock tote, a Saint Laurent chain handle tote, etc. They all need to fit a MacBook. The Goyard is the only bag that has made the jump to the weekend as well for running errands, etc. I have a 226 reissue and I'd love for it to be my weekend bag, but it is just too special to me and I get nervous [emoji15] Other than the Goyard, I usually use a small crossbody for running errands.
  3. I'm a working mom also - my daily bag has been the LV mono delightful gm. I like the canvas for durability, and I can fit whatever I need to inside :smile:

  4. How do you like the Alexander McQueen padlock tote? I've always eyed that one but haven't taken the plunge... was worried would be too slouchy for work? I also need to carry a 12 in MacBook:smile:
  5. Working mom - my Chain Around Maxi is my everyday go to bag as I carry the world with me.....
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  6. Currently stay at home mum (on mat leave). My everyday bag is longchamp backpack for the kids and small/med crossbody bag for me - usually on rotation are square minis, OM boy, and currently using 225 reissue accordion
    I actually used to wear these bags as everyday bags to work too. If I had to carry my laptop (try not to take work home though) I used a separate backpack with my gym gear.

    And same as OP I wish the 10" med flap could be used as everyday bag, too bad it can't be crossbody. However for work I would use it as everyday bag. Just not with the kids.
  7. I'm just working; we haven't been blessed with a little one yet *sigh*. My current favourite is the medium gabrielle hobo. I tend to go from meeting to meeting so I want to carry just the one bag that can fit all I need including my ipad and sometimes even a sandwich and a small bottle of water if I'm on the run. It's perfect for travelling too. My other Chanels only get outings at weekends now.
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  8. i LOVE this bag. i'd go the pre-loved route, but i'm only 5'2" and am afraid the size might look ridiculous on me
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  9. I'm a working mom. On work days, I use one of my two LV Neverfulls. On non-work days, I rotate through all of my smaller bags (LV, Chanel, Dior and Balenciaga).
  10. My dairy purses are convenient and casual cross body Chanel like minis or WOCs :smile: Here is some of photos while walking with my dog. One with half moon WOC & Red caviar mini ( I am about 5"1 ~ 157cm for preference )
    If other brand purses, I often use my Goyard St louis totes dairy or LV NF totes for water related activities like pool or beach, gym.
    Screen Shot 2017-07-02 at 10.51.29 AM.png

    Screen Shot 2017-07-02 at 11.05.13 AM.png
    Screen Shot 2017-07-02 at 10.59.26 AM.png
  11. What a great thread! I'm currently working but about to begin my last year of law school (!) so my go to work bag right now is my Gucci swing tote because it is perfect for holding a pair of heels, a water bottle, and a bunch of other miscellaneous items. For school my go to bags are my longchamp tote for books, and when I am not going to class I switch between my Hermes Evelyne, the aforementioned Gucci, Burberry banner, and a few LV bags
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  12. It depends on what I'm doing and what season it is. Since it's summer I'm mostly using my mon-mono LV Neverfull MM. I like being able to toss water, sunscreen, a book, and a sweater inside because I'm always on the go!

    Tonight hubby and I are meeting friends for drinks so it will be my WOC.
  13. I'm also a working mom. For work I use my GST. On the weekends I have to be crossbody with the kids so it's usually the Gucci Soho Disco for now (but I also use my Chanel mini and LV Alma BB in epi). I miss my Jumbo and Reissue and also my Lady Dior. Just can't use them around kids too much. The summer is worse because of sunscreen and water activities in the park.
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  14. I'm also working mommy...i never used my purses at work [emoji4]just using my burberry wallet holding keys and cards...for everyday use (no work) I'm using neverfull mm
  15. I use a speedy b 30 for everyday for the summer and I'm eyeing the Gabrielle in size large for the winter (4 kids)!
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