POLL: what gift to give?


cerises speedy vs. mc black priscilla

  1. cerises speedy

  2. MC black priscilla

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Hi there, me again...so I asked you guys yesterday about "age limits" on the MC/cerises pieces (a big THANK YOU to all who responded)...I need your help again! I'm debating on a gift for a friend. She's quite a unique character and would only carry a purse that's a little "different" (it's that or no purse at all!), but I happen to know that she loves the cerises speedy and the MC Priscilla in black. Which do you think I should get her? (I would prb have to get either one used, but she's not the type who would care about that). What do you think?
  2. I'd get her the Cerises Speedy since it's DC'd and so cute!!!
  3. Get the cerises speedy.
  4. Cerises Speedy
  5. MC black priscilla
  6. Cherry murakami speedy! It's much more special.:yes:
  7. mc black priscilla for me!
  8. Cerises Speedy! It's adorable...I love mine so much.
  9. i vote for the cerises speedy!
  10. black mc priscilla. Gorgeous bag!!
  11. i like both bags,
    but the cerise speedy is very unique !
  12. thanks guys! i think i am going to get her the cerises speedy....
  13. Yep, get her the cerises speedy!!! It's so darn cute and different!
  14. I'd get her the Cerises Speedy, it's a piece of Louis Vuitton history and so adorable.

    I'm not a fan of the other bag though.
  15. im glad you picked cerises! im sure she will love it!