POLL~ What color Karo??

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Which Karo if Lilac is not an option?

  1. Turquoise

  2. Raisin

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I am looking to get a Karo..but which color? I purchase items when others have sold and now I have some money to get one.

    Do they make them in Lilac?

    I like turquois and Raisin. I would prefer lilac first if they make them.

    But~ if not which one?

    Turquois or Raisin?
  2. I love the raisin color.
  3. Thank you piperlou~
  4. I had seen them in a color that was lighter than raisin, I think its called violette(?)...my hands down favorite is still Rose Shocking though
  5. Ooh--I have turquoise, but also love raisin.

    The deciding factor would be the color of your bags--which provides a better rainbow of color?
  6. ^^^I think a turquoise karo would look lovely in a raisin bag.
  7. I Love raisin. I also love Rose Shocking... :girlsigh:
  8. Turquoise. Love that color.
  9. If you are going to use it in your BJ Kelly- Raisin gets my vote:heart:
  10. i love turqoise.... in chevre
  11. Thanks everbody! I went with the raisin. I called my SA and had him look for any Karo's in the following colors: Violet, lilac and Cyclamen. .....NONE ANYWHERE! He stated "there are none available":push:

    So...Raisin it was to be. I still want a turquois piece too...Keep your eyes peeled for small leather goods in that color please:angel:

    I ordered a ulysse PM in orange as well.

    The rose shocking color is coming to me for my birthday at the end of the month, but I am not supposed to know about it shhhhh...

    These are the colors to begin my rainbow for my BJ kelly and Noir kelly.

    I like Bright colors..:flowers: Thanks all for your guidance!
  12. Raisin. :smile:

    ETA: Ghost, I see you already decided
    on the raisin Karo. YAY! :smile:
  13. I have thanks everyone!!! She should be here hopefully by my birthday!

    It is a golden one...33!
  14. I love turquoise!!
  15. I love the colour too :tup: