Poll: What bags are on your wishlist?

  1. Me:
    Balenciaga day bag
    I'd love a Derek Lam bag
  2. Mulberry bayswater
  3. Goyard Tote in black.
  4. Balenciaga French Blue First w/regular hardware:love:
    Balenciaga Marine w/ giant gold hardware - haven't decided what style yet, either Day, Brief, or Part-Time
  5. Prada Gauffre in Brown or Black
    Jimmy Choo Mahala Purse in Red
    Carlos Falchi Python Drawstring Purse in Black

    I've gotta get that Gauffre soon or I'm gonna explode :nuts:
  6. Is it this one? It's gorgeous!!
  7. A Chanel baby animal bag.
    A LV denim patchwork speedy bag in Blue (reserved)
  8. Marc by Marc Jacobs Teri Tote in Beige and
    Tokidoki bag of some sort in the Amore print when it comes out.
  9. At the moment, just one: Chanel Kelly in black!
  10. Long-term wishlist is an Hermes Birkin, but I'm so unfamiliar with their sizes, colors and that incredible waiting list I've heard about.

    Need to do more research in the wonderful Hermes thread! :yes:
  11. Laffy,

    This is the one I want.