Poll: What accessories are YOU getting for F/W, and in what color?

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  1. Since you all have such fab taste, I'd like to know what styles and colors everyone is getting in the accessories dept, as it will undoubtably affect my final choice, lol. :P

    Tentatively, I'm thinking for me:

    - Marigold mini companon
    - Violet coin (w/ GH?)
  2. I'm on the waitlist for the Envelope Clutch in Tomato with Silver GH. I'm thinking about a Grape clutch of some sort.......not sure what yet, but it's a must. I've already ordered a make-up in grape with hgbags.....maybe that will do the trick. Although that quilted still has me thinking.
  3. I am down for a Violet and Jaune Makeup and a Rouge Coin Purse. I really do want the new flap clutch so I need to decide what color now.

  5. Marigold mini coin
  6. I love the versatility of the makeup. I'm still trying to decide if I want Marigold in the makeup or first...:happydance:
  7. I've on the waitlist for violet mini coin purse, tomato MU clutch and tomato mini coin purse.....:smile:
  8. A Violet Make Up hopefully!:yes:
  9. [​IMG]
    I think I'm lovin' the sienna - in this clutch! I hope it's really available.

    Attached Files:

  10. I'm on the list for an Ocean Mini Compagnon with silver GH, as well as two flat clutches but I'm pretty sure I'm gonna go with the compagnon
  11. paprika and marigold mini coin and matellase clutch/makeup case in violet.
  12. I'm on the list for the violet make up
  13. There are so many choices I haven't made up my mind yet. I would love something in violet though :smile:
  14. A Tomato make-up clutch :graucho: