Poll: what a/w 06 colors did you get?


which colors from the f/w 06 collection did you get?

  1. black

  2. white

  3. truffle

  4. sapin

  5. rouge vif

  6. blue india

  7. blueberry

  8. greige

  9. grenat

  10. marron

  11. camel

  12. none!! please specify reason!

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. ...and in what style? I thought it'd be fun if we could see what the most popular color is!
  2. I'll start by saying I got a BI purse which is on its way!
  3. Blueberry City. The color is amazing!
  4. Blueberry Purse and a Blue India First on the way.
  5. Griege First and Blueberry City
    griege_small.jpg blueberry_small.jpg
  6. I got my very loved ROUGE VIF PURSE . . . I L:heart: VE it :yahoo:
  7. Blue India Twiggy, Greige Twiggy, Grenat City. Now thinking about Camel Day and/or Grenat Day.
  8. great choices everyone! So far blueberry KO's rouge vif.. Seems like the vif crowd isn't online yet, LOL !
  9. Greige mini bowling and rouge vif city!
  10. Rouge Vif Purse and Makeup
    Grenat Purse
    Blueberry Twiggy
    Camel City.
    i forgot to vote black, I got it in the shoulder. But I may be getting rid of it if I don't resolve the over charge for the bag. Bought it from StyleDrops and I'll soon find out if they are worthy of my patronage.

    Love them all :heart: :love:
  11. Well, I ticked none. But it was not because I didn't like any of this season's colours (I actually liked far too many of them), rather it was because I haven't been in a position financially to get any. Then, after I saw the colours for next spring I decided to save my money for them instead. :biggrin:
  12. My beautiful, beloved rouge vif city, but still thinking about truffe and camel or maybe even marron
  13. got the first in marron/truffle/olivebrown (dont know what it is ) and box in camel
  14. Fall/Winter colors are definitely my favorite. From FW '06 collection I got a Black City & Money Wallet, Marron City, Rouge VIF Day & Money Wallet, Sapin Day, Truffe Day & Money Wallet, Blue India Day, Camel Day, Grenat Purse, Greige Twiggy & Money Wallet. Prior to FW '06 I only had 3 Bbags which were all from SS '06 - Ink City, Cognac City, Rouille Twiggy. So I really got most of my Bbag collection from the beautiful Fall '06 collection. I am not planning on anything from SS '07 except possibly an Anthracite (Day) &/or Naturel (City).
  15. I got:
    rouge_vif money
    truffle day
    sapin work (forgot to vote for the sapin)