Poll: Wedges?



  1. Still Feeling the Love

  2. Got a Few Cute Pairs

  3. Lukewarm

  4. Never Cared for Them

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  1. I have a ton of really cute wedges, but all of a sudden I am over them:sad:

    What do you guys think?
  2. I love wedges.. 80% of my shoes are wedges. I still feel them and they are my shoe of choice.
  3. Where could I get some cute wedges at reasonable prices? I am talking under $70?
  4. Lovey-love.
  5. Denise,

    I got these at Marshalls for around $20, Zappos has them for around $50-60. They are Anne Klein with a 4" wedge.


  6. Those are nice! And a great deal, have you been able to wear them a lot this summer?
  7. ^^ Yes. I have a really cute bag that matches them (no name, very plain bag in exactly the same color with very similar stud details) and they look great with khaki capris or jeans.

    Now that I am thinking about it more, maybe I am not over my wedges after all:P

    I have been home sick for a week and I think I am getting a little stir-crazy.

  8. Why don't you put on a nice pair of heels, that will make you feel better
  9. Zappos had several pairs of wedges for $39.99. I ordered three pairs! I really like wedges, they are comfortable, easy to walk in and give me the needed height!
  10. Can you post pic's?
  11. I am not a wedge kind of gal... I think they are on the way out.. but I could be wrong
  12. i've liked wedges for a long time. they're comfortable so i'll be wearing them even when they are considered 'out'.
  13. I've always loved wedges .... always will.
  14. I love anything that lengthens my legs! So bring on the wedges....so easy to walk in!! A little off topic, but I'm excited to see platforms back (again)...you can wear a higher heel but it truly isn't that high b/c of the platform :graucho: .

    Wedges have a more casual look than heels, IMO.
  15. I love wedges. I only have one pair but I adore them.

    I pretty much love anything that will make me taller.