POLL: Vote for our Maltese Puppy's New Name!

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What should his name be? Suggestions Welcome

  1. Gus

  2. Louis (pron: Lew-we)

  3. Other (suggest)

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. [​IMG]

    This afternoon we are saving this little puppy from his breeder and her stuffed animal poses.

    We are down to two names:
    Gus (as in Gus Gus from Cinderella)
    Louis (pron: Lew-we - as in the King)

    He's a Maltese and his Grandfather won Westminster best of breeeeeeed... which to dog nerds means a lot.
    I'm am not a dog nerd, but he is so cute and I must save him from her!​
  2. I voted for Louis!! He is so cute, Congrats!!!
  3. Loved Gus Gus from Cinderella!!
  4. Gus! and what a cutie!!
  5. Aw, Louis for sure!! Gus seems like kind of a harsh name for the little guy. He's SO cute!!
  6. oh, come on, you know it's not louis because of the king. you're not fooling us!

    i think gus gus is cute!
  7. I voted for Louis!

    CUTE puppy!!! Congratulations!!!
  8. Gus is so cute
  9. I vote for Louis, so cute!
  10. He looks like a Louis to me and quite adorable.:heart:
  11. Such a cutie ... he looks like a 'Gus Gus' to me! Cute and small;)
  12. Louis get my vote. congrats on your new puppy, he is adorable.
  13. I choose Louis, b/c Gus is a little to "rough" for a cutie like him.
  14. Weren't gus and louis the names the talking mob parrot used in Gilligan's Island? :lol: Actually, I think Gus is really cute.
  15. Gus :smile: