Poll: Used Designer Bag or New Non-designer Bag?


Used Designer Bag or New Non-Designer Bag?

  1. Used, slightly dirty bag by your favorite designer/in your favorite style

  2. New, non-designer bag

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  1. Being a Balenciaga fan, I sometimes browse the eBay listings and see older bags that are quite worn/dirty sell for quite a bit...

    I wanted to ask your opinions: Would you rather buy a new non-designer bag or a used/slightly dirty designer bag (let's say it is your favorite designer)?

    This is a tough call for me... :girlsigh:
  2. I only buy new bags. If I can't afford it, then I save and wait patiently (or sometimes impatiently).
  3. I'm not sure I'd buy anything that was "slightly dirty" LOL but I buy pre-owned all the time. And I sell from my own collection when I fall out of love with certain bags.

    In a lot of cases, even pre-owned bags can be found for "as new"
    especially when you're buying from people that rotate their bags often, like the ladies here ;)

    My two paddy's were bough from fellow PFers (you can actually find them on ebay!) and they were both in MINT condition.
    Same for my MC Theda.
    None of these bags would be bags that I'd be able to afford at retail so buying pre-owned is my alternative.

    It's a win win for the buyer and seller.
    Seller gets money to fund a new bag, purse goes to a new home where it'll be adored and carried with love by the new mommy :smile:
  4. I have never purchased a used bag before. I would consider doing so if the bag was in good condition. If it was dirty or showed signs of wear I'd pass on it.
  5. Used - though I typically only buy used bags that are in excellent condition.
  6. I think it depends. A slightly used designer bag will typically have a lot of life left since it is so well made, but I have a friend who doesn't buy used b/c she feels it has a "history" without her. I thought that was an interesting comment. A new non-designer bag can be tons of fun b/c it still smells new (hopefully of leather or something equally nice) and there is nothing like a new bag. So I guess I'm undecided when I really think about it...:smile:
  7. I've only bought new bags. I'm not saying I would never buy a slightly used bag but it would have to be absolutely in pristine condition. Slightly dirty is NOT okay!
  8. I am eyeing up a couple of used Chloes on ebay at the moment - I can't afford to spend retail on a handbag at the moment so buying used is more attractive. I'm having a major trauma about it too though. I've been lusting after Paddingtons and Silverados for ages and can't decide between the two. I might not even bother because buying second hand is a limited market and you can't get to pick exactly what you like - I've been watching auction sites for the last six months. I might just buy inspired bags by Lush (but definately not fake!) while I save up for the real thing. At least that way I kind of get to test drive the style to make sure it's exactly what I want.

    It's a big decision isn't it?
  9. I don't mind buying pre-owned bags but I'm picky about them
  10. i prefer to buy new bags - then i know that it is mint condition and it will be only me that is going to use it. but if i was on a tight budget then i would buy a used bag but only if it was in a good condition
  11. Not dirty but "previously loved" absolutely- from a reputable seller only.
  12. I don't mind buying pre-owned bags, but if I'm going to buy a designer bag I'd want it to be new. I'd just save up the money until I could a new designer bag.
  13. I prefer new bags. I want to break them in myself. :heart: the new bag smell.
  14. I don't mind slightly dirty and used bags but I absolutely abhor pen marks. yuck. Most non-designer bags are much less expensive than used designer bags though.
  15. i have gotten several bags from the members here so I would say, if the seller is good and the product has no real flaws, i do not mind buying it somewhat used... as long as it is still quality product.. however, i own quite a bit of new bags too and i have to say, I love the feeling of being the first one to keep using it.....