Poll: Twiggy, PT, or Day?


Twiggy, PT, or Day?

  1. Twiggy

  2. PT

  3. Day

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  1. Which one is your favorite and why? Which s/s 07 color?
  2. i don't have a PT, although i've seen pics and they look great, like a longer shorter city. the day is the perfect bag - i have 6!! i just got a twiggy and i'm going to get rid of it - it's very small in depth and holds nothing. the straps fall off a lot and the handles are not big enough to go over the shoulder. i :heart: :heart: :heart: the day style.
  3. I would say Aqua PT!:heart:
  4. among the 3, it's PT.
    whoch colour? i have no idea, lots of gorgeous colour :p
  5. PT in Aqua or Vert D'eau :smile:

  6. I :heart: the Vert D'eau! Is it hard to find?
  7. By far, my favorite color is Aqua. Of the 3 styles, I'd say the Part-Time with GH. If you want classic hardware, I'd choose the Twiggy.