Poll: Treating your bags!


Do you treat your bags?

  1. Sure do!

  2. Nope! mine are left alone and natural!

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  1. So I know you guys have spilled the details on who treats their bags with protectant and who keeps them "au natural"

    With out getting into debates (well, you can if you want to) I just wanted to see the numbers here and see who treats their bags. Be it with apple guard, shining monkey, or whatever else.
    *i did a search and didnt come up with any polls* though I know this has been discussed before!

    Thanks ladies
  2. Au naturale ! :graucho:
  3. mine is Shining Monkey. i spray the hell out of my bags :lol:
  4. The vachetta is a double-edged, but the patina is what Louis Vuitton is known for so patina away!!!
  5. I put nothing on my bags and, to be honest, I don't see why I should. Spraying car protector (or whatever it is) on a 1000k bag doesn't seem right IMO. :shrugs:
  6. 1000k? :wtf:
  7. I'm with you on that one!!
  8. shining monkey for my bags too!
  9. The shining monkey vs Apple Guard will always be a debate. I have both in my closet and have strongly considered the apple guard but im a chicken!!!
  10. lol, as an example :roflmfao:
  11. Oh! Well, if I had a $1 million dollar bag, I wouldn't spray anything on it either. But with a $1k bag, then I'd be willing risk trying out a new product, especially when I've read good reviews from avid LV collectors :yes:
  12. Natural here! It's what my SA suggested and that's what I'm following...
  13. I shining monkey my handles!! I learned the hard way. I have a 1200 dollar bag that I got caught out in the rain with and hadn't protected it, now it has all water spots on it.

    Sprayed my new Mono Lockit.....caught in the rain.....NO marks at all!!!!

    That's good enough proof for me, baby!!
  14. i do nothing to be honest... but they're very safe in my closet... i need to go out more often to ACTUALLY use my bags!
  15. The day after I sprayed my BH with Shining Monkey, the lid popped off of my cup of tea as I was getting out of my car. The handles of my poor bag had tea puddles all over them. The puddles dried, and there's not a single mark left. Sooooo glad I treated my bag!