Poll: tote and/or purse

  1. Do you guys ever find yourselves carrying both a tote or schoolbag/diaper bag, and a purse? I have a small tote that holds folders and papers, but I can't really fit all of my usual purse stuff in there too. So I'm often tempted to carry both (the bags in question are both khaki and chocolate coach bags -- a medium satchel and a small hobo)...but I don't want to look like I'm carrying two purses:suspiciou

    So I thought I would check w/ all of you, since you all care about how your bags are arranged. Do you ever carry two bags, and if you do, do you match them together?
  2. I never carry more than one bag.
  3. When I have a lot to carry, I carry a big bag. That's one reason my MJ Stellas get used so much.
  4. I carry my messenger bag and a "purse" to work but thats only b/c sometimes I can't fit everything I need for work into my "purse." If I can fit everything, then just my "bag". :P
  5. I never carry more than one bag either unless one's luggage and the other is a purse/handbag.
  6. I've always wondered about handbag etiquette regarding if you can carry 2 handbags at once too. (ie a tote, and a handbag)
  7. i carry one, i just switch bags if i need a bigger one
  8. I prefer to carry just a handbag or shoulder bag, but if I have too much to schlepp to work, rather than overstuff the bag, I'll add a tote. They don't need to match per se, but I do try to keep them at the same style level and within the same color scheme. I'm a big fan of sling bags (can be worn as a backpack or a tote) as often I travel heavy to work (tote), and lighter (backpack) on the way home.
  9. I knew there was a reason I change bags every couple days! I'd never carry two but I change according to what I will be carrying. If I am shopping, I need a larger shoulder bag so my hands are free. If I'm just running around, a smaller hand held bag. If I am going to work and carrying a book, bottled water, apple, etc, I carry a Tote like bag. This is my explanation to my husband on why you need more than a few bags.
  10. I normally carry 2 bags for work, a small handbag/shoulderbag and a bigger briefcase or tote for laptop + papers & books. Try to make them work together, like black + black or brown + brown, but not necessarily the same brand. But together with more colourful handbags, I would just bring a black briefcase - two red bags would be a bit much, at least for me.

    But if not going to work, I prefer just one bag - size according to need.
  11. For work sometimes I do carry two. Sometimes I just have too much stuff. And actually, even if I'm taking a larger bag to work and don't have too much stuff, there's almost always a smaller purse tucked inside the tote that I can use for going to lunch and stuff. When I am on my commute to work I've noticed a lot of people on the train or walking with multiple bags. I think its different if people know you're goign to work and just have a lot of things as opposed to showing up at a mall with multiple bags!
  12. That's EXACTLY what I was thinking -- that if you have one bag for the laptop, papers, folders, etc., you might need your regular purse as well. Also, you might want a smaller purse along for going to luch or something. But you'd never just hit the mall w/ two purses.

    I do like Lexie's point too though, that if we insist on one bag at all times, it becomes a very convenient rationale for why we need MORE bags in many different sizes:idea:

    Anyway, thanks to all of you for your advice! Keep it coming if you have it, I always appreciate opinions:smile:
  13. Ditto!