Poll: Top 3 bags...

  1. ...that you reach for over and over again when leaving the house. They don't all have to be BBags - but at least 1 will be a BBag.

    I'll start! I'm going to list mine with pictures. ;)

    LV Cabas Piano

    '05 Bordeaux Twiggy

    Burberry purse w/zip top and patent shoulder straps (I think it has a name - but I can't remember it! LOL)
  2. My favourite bags change all the time. NOW it's the 3 Cities I have!!!

    Can that handsome cutie be my favourite too???:love::cutesy:
  3. Hmmm, well, since I've gotten into bbags, all my other bags have barely been thought of, much less used! I like to rotate my bbags evenly to minimize wear and tear. But lately, I've been using my day bags the most. I was using my sienna day non-stop until my RT day arrived last week. After these two day bags, I tend to reach for my black first. But I love them all! :love:
    IMG_1593_b.JPG IMG_1465.JPG IMG_1314.JPG
  4. Rouille day
    Blueberry day
    Black GSH Hobo
  5. Last week it was Mastic Day, Chocolate Day and Sandstone City.
  6. tomato day, cinnamon day & whistle!
  7. Lately I've been using my sienna city the most :love:. After that, probably my Gerard Darel and my Chanel baby cabas.

  8. In no particular order:
    Black City
    Emerald Day
    (and when the weather is wretched beyond all belief) Coach Black Patent Ergo
  9. Right now it's just my Violet Day - nothing else! But, if I could keep only three bags, they would be:

    Balenciaga Violet Day
    Louis Vuitton Monogram Speedy 25
    Fendi Hologram Spy
  10. The ones I use the most:

    My Balenciaga Black City Bag:

    My Bottega Veneta Black Lg. Hobo:

    My Kale Tate bags, one med. in Chocolate, and one large in Barolo: (these are so perfect for work!)
  11. It's difficult to rotate sometimes. Lately:

    Anthra Day GGH
    Anthra City GGH
    Miu Miu St. Cocco in taupe

    and in wretched weather - my brown Cole Haan Village Ruched SAtchel!
  12. Ink and black cities (my workhorses)...and chocolate shrug.
  13. Honestly, it's just Balenciaga's Day bag. It's just such an effortless bag. I have it in four colors. I reach for my black one the most.
  14. All 4 (i'm sorry, they are get used :angel:) of my bbags
  15. i try to rotate my bags, but the weather has been bad
    1) black day
    2) eb work/violet city
    3) rouge vif first

    (sorry i cheated and listed 4!)