Poll: Too much orange... what do y'all do?

  1. Here's my dilemma. After coming home today, I realized that I have entirely too many orange boxes and shopping bags lying around the house. What do you do after your purchases? Keep both box and bag or just box? And do you keep them for every single purchase - small leather accessory to handbag? Tia!
  2. I throw away (actually, recycle) all the orange shopping bags (WAAAY toomany to keep), but I DO keep all the boxes everything came in - I can't bear to part with them! Especially the little round ones!
  3. I keep every dang thing, HL. I put boxes inside of boxes. I put them in the garage, the spare closet and my daughters armoire. I'm eyeing the bathroom next. They seem to be everywhere but I just can't toss 'em out!
  4. Yes, I keep EVERYTHING, even the ribbons......
  5. I'm looking for scarf boxes, if anyone is wanting a good home for theirs! LOL!
  6. oh don't get me started. i just spent the last hour moving and reorganizing our closets. my DH's gym bag and pup's carrier have just been displaced!
  7. I had so many orange bags at one point I actually had my closet papered in them. I don't keep them all anymore, just the really big ones or "special" ones. I do keep all the boxes. No one makes boxes like H either!!!
  8. I keep everything. It's still fun. :smile:
  9. Such a great question, I am facing this same dilemma -- I seem to have too much of things that I don't need and am missing some charm holders. I used to keep all of the bags because they were sturdy, I loved to use them to transport items for other purposes, however I have come to realize that I have been a tad anal in my bag-collecting and my loft is now over-flowing with the shopping bags in all sizes!
    GF, I am going to look for extra scarf boxes for you -- might have extras from framing.
  10. I keep the receipts in their little paper sleeves in my bedside table drawer. I keep the boxes (I have only one big purse box) with the little ones nested inside the big one and the ribbons rolled up inside each box, and I throw away the paper bags (reluctantly).
  11. :yahoo: - you ARE a gem, SG!!!!!!!!!!:heart:
  12. I always keep the accessories boxes but so far I haven't kept the shopping bags or bigger boxes. I do most of my shopping while traveling and the bigger boxes would take up too much space. Not that I've had to throw away many of the big ones but the ones I did have to throw away almost made me cry :lol:
  13. I'll PM you with the exact number --- I am bringing 'jospehine danse' in tomorrow and then I will count the others shortly....my closet will thank me!