Poll: Tis the season for totes!

  1. I'm planning on buying 2 totes, 1 in black and 1 in white. I already have a beige GST that I love :love:. I know this time I want at least 1 cerf tote. So ladies, please help me decide.
  2. Get the Cerf, I did and I love it. It can hold a lot, it's not heavy, it looks classy and is comfortable to hold. Durable leather too.
  3. The poll didn't went through :nogood:.

    Here are my choices:

    white cerf & black cerf
    white cerf & black medallion
    white cerf & black GST
  4. white cerf & black GST. I say black gst since you LOVE your beige one, the style works for you and its very different from the beige. White cerf is gorgeous.
  5. white cerf & black GST or
    black cerf and white GST :p
  6. ^^ i completely agree with L:tup:...and i love totes too!:heart:
  7. :tup:
  8. white Cerf and black medallion both very chic and timeless! in this way you'll have 3 different styles ;)!I agree with Luccibag on the white Cerf :it's fabulous!:yes:
  9. White Cerf and black gst.
  10. white cerf & black gst win for now :tup:. The only drawback with the black gst is that I don't like the "new" caviar, from what I know the old caviar is hard to get now :sad:. What about the medallion, are the new caviar infected them yet? Am I right about the gst being the biggest, then the cerf and the medallion being the smallest?
  11. White cerf and black GST. I just saw the white cerf w/silver C's and it is BEAUTIFUL. Very chic, elegant, timeless. And the GST, well, what can one say, lol. I have it and LOVE it. CJ
  12. i love the cerf i use it all the time, its definitely my favourite bag and it looks good with everything. i would get it in black and white.
  13. White cerf & black gst. I have never seen the old caviar so I can't compare, but I love my gst.
  14. cerf tote...
  15. Love the cerf, but I don't own one. I bought a bordeaux gst in Sept and a beige medallion a couple of weeks ago. If NM had had a cerf in stock during the double points pre-price increase, I would have bought it. But, there were none in the system, so I got the medallion. I love the medallion and the GST. I suspect the Cerf will be my next bag. I don't look at the medallion as a true tote (open top and square or rectangular) I think the Cerf is classy and clean looking. I like it a lot. I think the perfect collection would comprise the GST, Medallion and Cerf. How lucky for you!