***Poll time: Which bag should I plan for next??***

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Which bag should I buy next?

  1. Musette Salsa (long shoulder strap)

  2. Monogram Trouville

  3. Framboise Vernis Lexington

  4. Framboise Vernis Bedford

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. My next bag is long overdue!!

    Listed below are the 4 I'm most leaning towards:

    Musette Salsa (long shoulder strap)

    Monogram Trouville

    Framboise Lexington

    Framboise Bedford

    Which one should I choose, and why?

    Pictures would be appreciated, so too would any comments
  2. I voted for Framboise Bedford, cause that's my next bag! :nuts: Still deciding on Framboise or Pomme, but leaning toward Fram. It's such a pretty bag!:tender:
  3. I voted for the trouville bec. I like the bag, but aside from that, I'm not a vernis person, but of the vernis choices I do like the lexington for an evening out and a bedford is a pretty style too, those and a houston are my vernis preferences, although I have no desire to really dabble in vernis territory. I don't care for the musette style, sorry, too flat and long and I don't like the messenger style look overall not polished enough imo.
  4. Framboise Vernis Bedford. It's very pretty and you can put more stuff.
  5. lexington! Love that little clutch
  6. Get the Bedford Framboise great everyday bag. Otherwise my favorite is the Lexington, but it doesn't carry very much.
  7. I voted for the Musette Salsa. I have one in Damier, and I really like it. It is so convenient and chic! Here's a picture (not me in the picture):

  8. I vote for the Framboise Bedford! It's just too pretty to pass up!
  9. Oh, littlepanda, thanks for the picture!! I have never seen this bag in real life, so it's given me a good idea of it's size. Still kinda leaning towards the bedford though....but I must admit, the salsa looks good for a casual, every day bag!

    Thanks to everyone else who's also voted/replied so far ;)
  10. Bedford! It's a gorgeous bag! I really want one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. I'd get the Framboise Bedford. It is such a beautiful color.
  12. bedford for me too!
  13. Trouville... :love:
    I can't stand the Musette (sorry :shame:smile: and I'm not a huge Vernis fan... the only Vernis bag I like is the Roxbury... the Bedford is cute, but not very practical IMO.