Poll time - What is the "bag" or "wallet" you have been trying to score rop

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  1. And have you been sucessful at locating your dream bag, wallet or acessory.
    MJ Sophia - Sucessful
    MJ Clutch - ""
    Cordovan Faridah - Still searching
    MJ Coin pouches (with silver hardware) - Still Searching
  2. i am not so lucky when it comes to this. i've been looking for a chilli trish. there is one available as many lovely tpfers have pmed tell me (thanks again btw), but it's a little more than i'm looking to pay. that's really the only thing i've been looking for. well, that and a grey mayfair for yes.please because i know she really really wants one.
  3. ^^ what a doll!

    thanks kim- i've got my eyes out for those two things too.

    btw- what is rop?
  4. ^
    whew...glad someone else asked that. I would like to know too. I've been seeing that used a lot around here lately!
  5. Read on please....so used to using that from MUA:smile:
  6. ahh ok- when i did a search i only came up with like all of your postings mjfan, so it didn't explain anything for me. haha.

    ummm, whats MUA?

    your computer speak is way too fancy for me!:sos::sos:
  7. ^
    seriously! I started thinking I wasn't in the know...I thought, Return Online Purchase= ROP?

    now what is MUA?
  8. MJ Bordeaux Blake - Successful! Took 1.5 months of Hardcore searching after about 1/2 month of "Liking alot"

    Not sure what's next...
  9. i got you on this one. haha!

    rop = read on please
    mua = makeupalley.com

    i like your version though. it's very creative.
  10. ^^Same as Coach Superfan...bordeaux blake for me too. It's totally worth all the effort :love: Next on my list is a zip bowler or trish from the striping line (or even another Hudson!) and a grey quilted zc.
  11. im new to mj so im lusting after everything everyone posts. i would really really love a teal mayfair though.
  12. LOL....I learned all this stuff from MUA, too! Too funny.

    I have searched and found : Washed Rose Stella and Pomegranate Stella.
    Those are my two bags that I really wanted and was not sure I would be able to find at a decent price. I was lucky and found both recently.

    Now, I am looking for a blue Stam. Not sure what I want, though. Topaz, Teal, Petrol.....and I don't want to have to sell my children to get it!:nuts:

    I love it when you find a great bag you have been looking for. It really is a rush!
  13. Wow that is amazing..pomegranate stella :drool:
  14. Luckily a special tPFer PMd me after I mentioned that I wanted a Selma tote that there was one available at an Off 5th. I got it within the week.

    My other true desire was for the cherry tart patchwork ZC and coin pouch. I bit the bullet and paid retail for both. Love them! Can't believe that I paid so much for a coin purse, but it is SO CUTE! :love:

    My next desire is for a Carolyn, but I can't decide if I want the ivory or black. Keeping my eye out on that beauty.
  15. Multipocket in Petrol - Found it, but don't have the funds.
    Lovely Behati in Nice Tan- Still looking...