POLL TIME! Two Briefs one-too many?


What to do... what to do!

  1. Go the Brief in another colour!

  2. Branch out and get something different...

  3. Shut up and enjoy your black brief for now... lol

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  1. Ok, so I know I said that I choose a Black Brief as this time around because I wanted to be sensible with colour choice so that it was practical enough for me every day without worrying about ruining it...


    I really want to get one more Balenciaga :supacool:... just ONE more... seriously.

    I previously had a Rouge VIF City and Navy Twiggy but I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the Brief style...

    So - my dilemma.

    If I was to get another bag, would it be silly to get another Brief, but in a brighter colour or should I branch out and get a different colour and style?

    Or, should I just be content with my Black Brief for now?

    I keep thinking if I get another style and colour, then I will want another style and colour, and another and so on - and right now (being a full-time student) my Credit Card really cant hack it...

    Anyway, to make it easier, I've put together a poll. Feel free to comment too if you wish :heart:
  2. hmmm... this is a toughie! first of all, we all know that being the Bbag addicts we are, theres no such thing as an overdose of our favourite style, like for me its the work! so if you really really love the brief then go for it... BUT... personally i think that the brief only looks nice in neutral/dark colors... then again, its probably coz i havent seen a colored brief before/yet!

    but since you say you only want ONE more, then i suggest get another style for diversity sake... but only if you love the other style just as much as the brief... if not, get another brief...

    geez, that was no help was it? sorry! i just realised i had gone around in circles! Good luck!
  3. Hehe thanks ali... I'm also a fan of the Twiggy style too... but the Brief is just so comfy and practical for me!

    But although I love the Breif, if I am only going to get one more bag (for now anyway) I am thinking a different style would be nice...

    Dont worry, my brain is going around in circles too... it is a toughie!

    I'm kinda eying a Ivoire Twiggy on Diabro... and I always said I didnt want to get a light coloured bag, but its only US$725!
  4. I voted branch out to another style. there are sooo many to choose from, it would be fun to mix it up a bit. what a great deal for that ivoire twiggy!
  5. I have an ivory twiggy but she is much smaller than the brief. It really depends on what you want to use her for. I think another style would be great. If you need a weekend/going out/go shopping with bag, you could also look at a first. Hmm it is difficult! Good luck!
  6. I am a big believer in getting what your heart desires! Settling is...well, it's settling and don't settle because the price is right. Will you use the light colored bag or will you be too scared? The twiggy is not going to hold nearly as much as the brief would and so what of having two of the same style? lol I may be trying to rationalize a third GH Day, but still, if I am not going to be super happy with anything except the Day, why get something I may just have to sell later on because "why did I get this?"

    If you like the brief, perhaps the Step is more in your alley? It's a different style, but with the same styling and a more accessible top zipper. It's also wider so you can fit a few books in there should you choose to use it.

    PS - Does it not suck being a college student falling in love with these bags? Thank God I'm graduating this year!
  7. I have 3 briefs and love each one, great style. Would purchase more if I found a color I liked.
  8. Do you have any other styles or just the brief?

    I wouldnt have a problem getting another brief if it wasnt going to be the only Balenciaga I purchased for a good while...
  9. I have had a look at the Step - and I was nearly about to get one (the finances stopped me) and then after getting the Brief I would prefer the flat style of the seaming at the bottom than the structured rectangle bottom...

    And yes... it DOES suck at the moment - but I'll be back at work soon which = more bags and goodies for me :yahoo:
  10. And so it begins...

  11. So so true... lol
  12. i would say enjoy your black brief for now and wait till ss08 colors and new styles come out! maybe you will find a style that you like more?
  13. ^my suggestion too. when credit is not readily available, don't rush into a decision. don't buy for the wrong reason, be it that the discount is too good to pass up. you do know that the temptation stays, but you decide whether to be sucked into it or not. you'll be back at the same place again even after you get your 2nd brief (if it happens), trust me.
  14. So true...

    It's just so hard with the MP and eBay not to browse and want want want!

    I think I might wait it out as suggested and see what the new colours and styles are like.