Poll Time: Help me choose my career, LOL.

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What would you do?

  1. Stay at the same, [enjoyable] job

  2. Jump ship to arguably the most prestigious firm for 1 year only

  3. Go all out to a hedge fund and experience the life's up and downs to the full!

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. It is that time of the year after the bonus figures come out that people start looking for ways to switch jobs, even though the money is not paid until February :P.

    Anyway I am one of them. Though I am not exactly looking for a switch, there are four people knocking on my door :P. Well I can cut out 2 because they are not that special but I have 2 choices left that are extremely attractive on the career level but I cannot decide, especially in comparison to my existing job. So I am serious about this please vote - based on your instinct - simply on what you would do in my circumstance which will be another source of opinion I will consider carefully :

    I am looking to get out of the financial industry (temporary or not will be decided later, LOL) in a year's time because I want to hold a child in my arm before I'm 31. Which way would you choose?

    1) Stay in my existing firm and keep the friends because it's only for one year and since I'm vaguely happy there is no need to jump ship.

    2) Switch to arguably the most pretigious firm in the world (I say arguably because yes it is but names aren't that important at my career stage).

    3) Switch to a hedge fund; nicer working hour with occasional client interaction but in 1 or 2 years time, I predict that hedge funds are going to fold big time because excluding the exceptional managers, they are going to get find out that they are just disguising a 'normal' return as their unique talent. Though this hedge fund is exceptional there is going to be collateral impact on it so it will be extremely volatile after this 1 year period.

    What do you think, pressing vote button is appreciated!
  2. Uhm...I based my vote on being a mother so go all out and enjoy it this year. Kids have a way of making you see the world a lot different, not in a better/worse kind of way, just different.
  3. i thought with option one its only one more yr.. and option 2 its more long term? am i worng.
  4. I voted for jumping ship to "arguably the most prestigious firm for a year", cos heck. Why not? :P

    Especially since you're only planning to work for only one more year. Might as well end off ya career in the "arguably the most prestigious firm". I'm also under the assumption that they're also gonna be paying more moolah? ;)
  5. I opted for number 2... but I'm not too sure! go with your gut!!
  6. Thanks everyone for your instinct ;). Wow, everyone says that I should be getting to the most prestigious firm in the world. That's is a thought, would you change your mind if I say that I will get more nasty jokes made on my expense (though I can take it)?

    Not necessary, I will have to trash a deal with them on how big my 'book' is. By book I mean the funds I will get because obviously if it's larger I will be able to trade higher volume and take a cut on it and when I give them my notice, the firm will definitely try to hold on to me (sounds so arrogant, LOL) by increasing my pay so monetary issue is not really a problem.

    The real problem is the fact that I want a child ASAP after I get married so I will be going to work with a bump on my tummy, LOL.

    As for hedge funds I will get no jokes and it will be a more relaxed atmosphere because I will only be generating trading ideas rather than make it happen as well.
  7. I voted for #2 based on the little bit of info I have. But it's completely up to you. Follow your heart.
  8. No: 2. Good luck, whatever you choose!