poll time! are you a collector or a user?


are you a collector or a user?

  1. collector - have to have everything i like, more the better

  2. user - only buy things i know i'll use, be practical and move on

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. i'm just curious because it seems like a lot of you here are collectors rather than users. meaning, buying bags for the sake of having them not necessarily so you can use them.

    i myself am an user. i like LV the best so most of my bags are LV but even though i see a lot of bags that are pretty and want them i only buy bags that i know i'm gonna get a good use out of.

  2. i am a collector/user. I like to change my bag everyother day or so.
  3. My vote is for user.
  4. user too.
  5. i'm a user. i like to have a couple of options for different needs, but I need to USE each item i own.
  6. I am a collector and a user.
  7. I am a user of collector's items. Does that make sense?:wacko::lol:
  8. User--too poor to collect, and I hate hoarding a bunch of things I don't really need, esp. since it's expensive LV we're talking here. I'm even overwhelmed by the number of bags I have (7), although I know my collection is paltry to the eyes of others.
  9. Hmmm ....

    I would have to go with "user" because although I do collect LVs, I only collect the ones that I know I will put into good use. :love:
  10. User... poor university student who has to think practical, lol.
  11. I'm a user. I actually just sold some of my LV's b/c I felt guilty that I never used them.
    I kept my mono and damier speedy and all of my accesories and was able to buy an ellipse, which I love.
  12. I am a user but aspire to have one collector's item and not use it, lol. I want a khaki or silver graffiti speedy 30, it was the bag that made me first fall in love w/ lv.

  13. I love the way you worded that! btw I am so desperate to look at your lovely treasures that I tried clicking on your italicized/underlined words thinking it would be a link to those collectibles!
  14. a bit of both i can say...but i use all that i buy. love em all!
  15. Both!