Poll!! - so, shall we do an Alexa Count!

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What Alexa did you go for!!!

  1. Oak Regular

  2. Oak Oversize

  3. Oak Leopard Regular

  4. Oak Leopard Oversize

  5. Pink Leopard Oversize

  6. Ink Regular

  7. Butter Regular

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I thought it was the leopard that was proving the most popular so far, but seems to be lots of oak now stealing our hearts!

    So, lets see what he have :nuts:
  2. I wanted something blue in my wardrobe so went for blue reg
  3. I really like Oak Mulberry bags most of all (apart from Chocolate) and am fed up with bags that are bigger than I need so mine is Oak Regular.
  4. oooh so lovely to see that somebody has gone for the butter - who are youoooooo!! I adored it but was worried I was too clumsy for it ! :biggrin:
  5. Has the Butter person posted any modelling pics yet?
  6. I think someone did I feel .
  7. ^ Dont think so, have not heard anybody mention going for it - would love to see it revealed.
  8. I love oak, but wanted oak with a twist (and a bit of 'casual glam'), and a work bag - so OS oak leopard:biggrin:
  9. ^ Yep, and returned it the same day uma, thats why I would love to see somebody who has kept it! I adored it, but the super pale colour, combined with the cream lining was a total no go for me! ;) I was also very concerned about colour transfer, but with all that said - its still an amazing bag.
  10. This is really interesting Chloe - what a good idea....wish I could tick a box - maybe next month?
  11. Oversize oak for me...and very happy :smile:
  12. Regular Oak for me, I haven;t put the Leopard Alexa down as that is leaving me very soon.

    I wish they would release the black ones!!!
  13. I'm planning to get mine in regular Ink on Friday which is tomorrow. Yeah!!!
  14. I spoke to Liberty London and they told me they are bringing black lambskin Alexa in March. Hope it helps.