Poll: Signature Shoulder Tote or Carly? WHY?


Signature Shoulder Tote or Carly in Khaki/Saddle?

  1. Signature Shoulder Tote

  2. Carly in Khaki/Saddle

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  1. Alright ladies, you gotta help me decide! I just got back from vacation and it's time to start saving for a new bag. It won't take me too long to get it saved up, just a couple of weeks or so, but I can't decide which one I want-- the gorgeous shoulder tote in khaki sig with the light leather bottom, or a signature Carly in Khaki/Saddle. I saw a girl in Tulsa at the Full Moon with the shoulder tote and it was STUNNING, but I love the Carly too! I really love them equally. Help!

    What do you think? Why?
    shouldertote.jpg carly.jpg
  2. ...anybody???
  3. I vote Carly.
  4. ^^Me too.
  5. I like the Carly better. I love the large C's and the handle.
  6. I vote for the Carly, too.

    Funny thing you asked, coz I just got the khaki/saddle Carly at the Macy's F&F and I love it. I can fit lots of stuff in it, so it pretty much doubles as a tote. And I can also zip it up so I won't have to worry about my stuff spilling out.

    My cousin got very close to buying the Sig tote that you are also looking at but decided on the Sig Stripe shoulder tote in khaki/chocolate. Hers was also very nice.
  7. Carly all the way I love the signature fabric and its detail! Shoulder tote is too square and too big.
  8. Carly is much classier, is more "Coach" with all the hardware and turnlocks, and just overally a better bag IMO.
  9. My vote for the shoulder tote is because of the sole reason that I do not care for the hardware and excess of leather straps on the carly.
  10. I vote for the shoulder tote. I LOVE mine! It is perfect- I think. I sold my Carly b/c it was just too heavy for me!
  11. I agree
  12. Carly. I was interested in the shoulder tote as well, but when I saw it in person, was not liking it at all.
  13. Carly is cuter! I have a sig stripe shoulder tote which I LOVE! But, you're young, no kids, go for the Carly, it's "cool like that" :jammin: :supacool:
  14. Carly carly!
    But may I ask why saddle and not gold?
  15. Eh because I think saddle will match more of my stuff. I'm a silver person, even my Lyndsey sandals are gunmetal instead of gold. And I wear a lot of brown and earth tones because I'm blonde and I think they work with my complexion. I just don't have enough gold stuff! Do you recommend the gold? does it match a lot of stuff?