Poll: Should I sell Reissue 227 in Dark Silver?


Should I keep Reissue 227 in Dark Silver?

  1. Keep it!

  2. Sell it!

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  1. I know I'm going insane...LOL.

    I have a Reissue 227 in Dark Silver, which I used less than 5 times. It's been sitting in my closet forever, and god knows how long it will. I love the color, chain, and the fact it's big.....I really don't know why I'm not using her more often......I'm expecting to buy the Red caviar Jumbo flap with new chain(if the red is right).....which prob. will fill my needs for big flap bag....but since I only own 1 reissue, should I just keep this bag??

    Here's my collection so far.

    I know I don't have much color in my Chanell collection, but I have some balenciaga for colors!!
  2. i think it's a great bag. i wouldn't sell it. i to need to add some color to my collection, but you're doing alot better than me, other than black chanels, i still have black chanels, with the exception of one dark brown outdoor hobo.
  3. keep it !
  4. I am one of the people looking for this bag in this size :smile: It has been impossible to find, if you didn't get it early on . . . I would keep it. I haven't seen all the metallic reissues IRL but I have seen this color and I think it is beautiful.
  5. This is a beautiful bag in such a stunning color...I know that there are a lot of people (many on tPF ;)) that are looking for this particular one, but if you haven't used it very much and know you probably won't, then I would sell it. No use buying bags for the closet, although I am guilty of that as well :shame:
  6. It is a beautiful bag, I voted to KEEP IT!
  7. First off, you have a terrific collection!
    To keep or sell -- the dark silver reissue is rare. If you can afford to keep it for the time being, hold on to it. You can always sell it at a later time if it remains unused. Or just use it!
  8. Sell it..................:biggrin: look at all the threads I posted about it....I waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaant..lol
    No actually if you want to keep it keep...its gorgeous.
  9. It's gorgeous, but if you've fallen out of love with it, then sell it since I see alot of people are looking for it and you can get a good price for it.
  10. Keep it!! Keep it!! I love the dark silver reissue!

    You're collection is beautiful!!
  11. Definitely keep it!!!
  12. Keep it for a few more months and then if you are still not carrying it much sell it.
  13. I am in a similar situation -- I have a grey reissue that I have only used twice. Everyone says keep it because it is an original reissue.
    Can you try using it more, to see how you feel about it? I love your collection -- great pieces!
  14. I knew most of you girls will tell me to keep it:sweatdrop:

    I don't know, I'm itching to sell one of the flaps I got....so it's between White MC Flap, Reissue, or Navy Patent Double flap......cause those are the 3 I don't use at all.
  15. Sounds like you don't use your flaps at all! Based on your comment above ^^, so you're sure you're gonna use the red jumbo flap with new chain? If size were the issue, you would be using the reissue more than the others because the 227 is like the jumbo size. I would reconsider wanting the red jumbo.. just my thoughts.