Poll: Should I get oatmeal rh city or oatmeal gh?


RH or GH?

  1. Oatmeal city RH

  2. Oatmel city GH

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. You know I have been so not down w/ the GH, but something sick happened in my head where now I "think" that I might like it... I know, I am a serious nut job. There is only so much meds can do people... so help me out here. What do you think? BTW, what stores got this color combo?

  2. :yahoo:I`m in love with the gh bags.
    Why not be different...
  3. Honestly, I really prefer the Mastic with RH. Something about the yellow tone to the bag goes really well with the contrasting brass hardware.

    But, you already have a Sandstone twiggy with RH so that may be too similar to the Mastic RH City. I'm still going with what looks best with the color though and I'm voting for the RH City.
  4. can I vote for the GH Hobo? I like the GH with Mastic, but I think it might look a little cluttered on the City. Otherwise, my vote is for RH. NM Denver had one of each in stock last week.
  5. I agree, that the GH on the city can be overwhelming. I currently have a SS GH Hobo and the combo is really lovely. I find it to be a very comfortable style.
  6. I'm not a fan of GH, and maybe you're trying to convince yourself that you might like GH. I think if you have to convince yourself to get GH, you'll get sick of it quickly.....besides, can you justify the weight and the price for something that you might like?

    But I think City and Twiggy are too similar, so even though I voted for RH City, I still suggest a completely different style like Work, Brief, or Step.
  7. i agree with Cracker, the yellowness (from photos anyway) points me to the RH direction... good luck on deciding!
  8. IMO the oatmeal looks better with the RH......
  9. Actually the Mastic with RH are not as buttery yellow as the ones with the GH. but I voted for City with GH...the Mastic with RH is really really close to sandstone.
  10. I'm not a fan of GH either.....i think the oatmeal will look better in RH as i love the classic look and i believe it will last even longer than GH.....:smile: