Poll: Sandstone VS Mastic


Sandstone or Mastic?

  1. Sandstone

  2. Mastic

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  1. Which one do you ladies like? And does anyone have a picture comparing both of them side by side?
  2. I'm sorry I do not have pictures of them... also if I'd love to have a sandstone.
    So i vote for it: sandstone!!
  3. aghhh! i am so confused! i wish someone would get one! then i will vote! great question! i want to know too!
  4. There're comparison pics HGbags listed in "I'm unerwhelmed" thread. According to the pics and what some said, Mastic is yellowish beige whereas Sandstone is more taupe.

    I personally adore Sandstone(I love gray-taupe-beige shades:heart:), so I voted for Sandstone. Mastic seems very similar(in the pics)to my 03 Mastic, which I also like.
  5. Sandstone. I like taupey colors if they are more brown than gray, and Sandstone was the rare color to fit that category. For me, Mastic had an uphill climb in comparison. I haven't seen it in person, though, and if it is sort of golden, and the leather is really nice, then I could like it as a totally different thing.
  6. Just going from pictures, I have not seen either in real life, I like both colors equally. They are too similar to get both but I can't decide which one I want.:confused1:
  7. I own a Sandstone Twiggy, and really love the color, so I voted for Sandstone. I've seen the comparison pics that hgbags posted and there is definitely a difference between Sandstone and Mastic. I might change my mind, however, when I see Mastic IRL...
  8. I prefer sandstone as a color on its own. However, because of the golden tones in mastic, I think it would make a more versatile neutral for a wardrobe with lots of color. Sandstone looks great against neutrals, but I find my 05 caramel to be better suited for colors, the greyness in the sandstone makes it seem drab when paired against a coral or turwuoise shirt.
  9. I like the pinkish undertones of SS more than the yellow undertones of mastic. However, I think they both have similar qualities, so chose the one that suites your wardrobe and skin color the best.
  10. I have YET to see sandstone (or mastic) in real life, but from the comparison shots (thanks for pointing those out, chuggie), I think I prefer sandstone.

  11. I prefer Sandstone - Mastic is a bit too golden for my liking.
  12. i voted sandstone... i have a twiggy in SS and the reason i love it is how multi-dimensional the colour is, which brings out the beauty of the chevre leather. mastic looks a little flat from the pics but i haven't seen it IRL.
  13. I love sansdstone! I got one from hgbags in giant hobo and its beautiful!!i am going to post pics soon. this color is amazing, so i vote sandstone.
  14. Sandstone for me too!! Has a little pink in it!!!!
  15. i'm swimming against the tide - i am loving the mastic! i think it is so gorgeous and the leathers i've seen so far remind me of the 05 bags. :yes: