Poll: Saleya PM or Batignolles Horizontal?


Saleya PM or Batignolles Horizontal?

  1. Saleya PM!

  2. Batignolles Horizontal!

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  1. Hi gals!

    Which one should I get after my ban? The Saleya PM or Batignolles Horizontal?

    Right now I have the Mono Speedy, Mono Pochette Accessoires and Mono Pochette Cles. I love Mono alot, but the Saleya is something really special! I just want a roomy bag, and both the Saleya PM and BH fit the description of what I want, but I don't want both!

    The bottom line is, which one requires less maintenance? I know BH has the vachetta to take care of, but does Saleya's rolled handles require lots of care as well? I'm afraid of them getting scratched. LOL
  2. tough choice! i have the BH, and i love it. but i also hope to get a saleya pm sometime this year.

    since you already have mostly mono, i'll vote for the saleya!
  3. I would get a saleya pm.
  4. Dang! that is a tough one.......
  5. I have a bh and love it, and would love to have the saleya pm but it won't fit on my shoulder. I'm tall and always wear blazers and coats, and it just doesn't work. I think you can wear it on your shoulder if you are pretty small. Do you want shoulder or hand-held?
  6. ^dlg, I'd prefer a shoulder bag! I've seen some ladies on the streets with the Saleya PM and they wore it on their shoulders although it's a pretty exact fit though...
  7. I voted for BH, its designed to be a shoulder bag, holds a ton and much comfty on the shoulder!!!! Saleya PM is more like a handheld bag, it doesn't look right on the shoulder IMO.
  8. I like the Saleya better! :yes:
  9. BH! The Saleya isn't as comfy on the shoulder, IMO.
  10. I Love my Saleya PM. It is my knockaround weekend bag and I haven't had any problems with scratches. It is such a tough bag and so pretty. The color of the lining just makes me smile when I open it!
  11. I love the Saleya. I have the MM and it is a great shoulder AND handheld bag. The PM is so cute and elegant!!! :love:
  12. ooo..equal votes after i voted...damier all the way..i don't like bh at all..
  13. ooooh, i put the BH ahead of the game! 8 votes to 7 :smile:

    BH is just so darned cute! i like the saleya but i'm not a big fan of damier.
  14. Saleya PM is so cute.
  15. ok i voted for bh because i really like the shape but i can't deal with the hassle of any more mono's and its vachetta. i also was debating on these two bags and decided to go for the saleya becuse damier is so classy and requires little to no care. after reading that you share my concerns about the vachetta i have changed my vote to the saleya. good luck:smile: