Poll: Red Chloe Med. paddy OR Red Balenciaga City?

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You pick for me!

  1. Red Chloe paddy satchel!

  2. Red Balenciaga city!

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Im in love with both at the moment:love: . I have a choco paddy :heart: and an ink twiggy :heart: but would love to add hot red to my collection:yes: . So ladies let me know what ya think:idea: . The winning vote will be my next purchase:nuts: !! I do need to know where to find that lovely red chloe though:shame:
    ((((HUGS)))) everyone!!;)
  2. red balenciaga
  3. Paddy - but that's because the City is too big for me.
  4. Hmmmm.......looks like the paddy is in the lead so far!
  5. I vote paddy!! I love the look of the paddy's leather in vibrant colors such as the red.
  6. OMG! How funny!
    I was just trying to decide myself between a Red Edith and a Red Twiggy!
    But I voted for the Bal Red City for you!
  7. Pictures please?
  8. I love the Paddy so that got my vote BUT there is nothing wrong with a Balenciaga ;). Either bag will be great in red.
  9. goooooooo balenciaga!!!!! :wlae: love that red!!:heart:
  10. Red balenciaga.
  11. My friend has the paddy and says it is incredibly heavy. go with the balenciaga!
  12. City city city! The paddy is gorgeous, but the shape just did not work for me, and it's really heavy.
  13. city gets my vote :smile:
  14. Thanks everyone! I think today will be the day I get my new red bag!!:yahoo: (Fingers crossed):wlae:

  15. Which one ???