POLL: Post your current Chanel desires!

  1. ;)
  2. Something from the baby animals jewelry line
    A pink medium classic flap
    And still hoping to get that baby cabas!
  3. BABY CABAS!! i know my wishlist says navy right now, but i think i've fallen for the teal!!! do they even still make these? i saw a pic on eBay, and i dreampt about it last night :tender:

    a burgundy classic flap!!!!! :nuts:
  4. Oh boy .....

    Expandable Tote - Black or Camel
    Expandable Flap - White or Camel or Black
    Cerf Tote - Black
    Cloudy Bundle Tote - Black
    Large Metallic Luxe Bowler - Dark Silver

    :nuts: :p :nuts:
  5. hm...
    - expandable flap in camel or black
    - jumbo red classic flap with the new chain
    - medium metallic luxe bowler

    victoria.... did you see the camel color in the expandable ligne? how's it?
  6. Black caviar with silver h/w east west classic flap.
  7. White caviar clutch
    Naked Flap with Silver
  8. - Kelly in black/large/caviar
  9. ^^^EXACTLY the same bag!!!
  10. cotton club silver tote!
  11. soft chain in black
  12. yep, soft chain in blk is one hot bag
  13. full set of luggage :nuts:
    bright blue medium classic caviar (not available, but hoping)
    red caviar classic w/ new chain
    something beige w/ silver hardware
    red flap rock & chain
  14. bubblegum pink classic flap (will I ever chance upon it again......:shrugs:)

  15. -Timeless Classic Bowler
    -Punk Clutch
    -Blue Perforated Clutch
    -Expandable pochette