Poll: Portobello or Prada??

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  1. Hi guys, I just returned the Maxi bag, and now choosing between Chanel Portobello blackxblack medium size bag or Prada bag. I've tried on both and both are nice! Prada is deer skin, snake pattern is silk screened and $1000 less than Chanel! I know both are completely different bag, and practicality aside, if you are to pick which would you pick? I would also appreciate any concern and opinions on Portobello. I did some search on forum about Portobello, but couldn't really find any strong opinions about this bag....(not so popular among PFer?)

    Here's Prada bag pic

  2. Oops, I forgot to make it a poll..... please just say which bag you prefer then!
  3. Hmm.
    I like both.
    But personally, I would get the most use out of the Chanel since it is black.

    The Prada print is gorgeous, but I probably wouldn't use it too often
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    you're talking to the person who mods the Prada forum...LOL...and without hesitation..I say go for the CHANEL.
    i think its less trendy and u will love it forever....the skins from Prada are nice but that CHanel is AMAZING!
  5. i think portobello is a nice bag and is very unique too cuz is different from alot of other bags and even fakes at least for now, i dont doubt there could be one or the other around but not like other styles.

    on the prada i like some prada, i dont like this one though im not in too exotic patterns at all, honestly.

    i think the portobello beats this on size mostly and versatility in color, im not been biased!!! cuz i like both brands!
  6. I am partial to Chanel. I think this Prada bag will eventually go on sale and then you will (I know I would) regret paying full price for it. However the portobello will most likely never go on sale and will keep its value much better. Not to mention is much more interesting to look at in my IMO.
  7. I'm not into Prada, so of course I'll suggest Chanel, but is up to you, which bag makes you feel like this:biggrin:, then you should go for it:graucho:
  8. Chanel is def. more classic! I guess if I'm getting Prada mod's recommendation towards Portobello, that should be the way to go? LOL.

    Yes, I did think about Prada bag going on sale, too. I really don't know much about Prada, but do they usually put the seasonal stuff on sale later? In this case I guess it's pretty stupid to pay retail for this bag, huh?
  9. Go for the Portobello!
  10. yup....ALL the Prada seems to go on sale now.....very sad to say!.....get the CHanel and THEN..get the Prada at the end of the season at a killer sale price..hehe...
  11. Chanel Portobello:tup:
  12. I don't like the fact the snake skin in silk screened maybe if it was a solid colour I would like it more.

    I like the portobello! I'm not a tote girl otherwise I would have a portobello by now!
  13. :tup: Portobello!!! I love mine :heart:
  14. Portobello!!!!!!!
  15. Def the Chanel.