Poll: Pomme, Framboise or Mini Lin Ebene Key Holder

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Which key holder should I get?

  1. Framboise

  2. Pomme

  3. Mini Lin Ebene

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. In two hours I'll be leaving for the first-ever Hawaii TPF Meet. I promised my DH I wouldn't buy anything BIG since I have been at LV every week for the past two months buying ridiculous things (My latest was a glitter key holder which he found on my bag yday and I also have a Black shawl on hold that they had to send over from another island). Anyhow, please vote (quick) because the one thing I am going to allow myself to walk out with today is a key holder (to hold the keys of our new Mini Van LOL).

    By the way, I don't have anything Mini Lin and I have a Framboise Agenda and a Pomme cles.
    Thanks in advance ladies!!!
  2. Get the Mini Line ebene cles. Will hold lots plus it's worry free. I love the framboise just not for car keys. btw congrats on the new mini van!:flowers:
  3. Pomme, of course. :smile:
  4. Pomme :heart: love the color SO much.
  5. Go for the Mini Lin since you already have a Pomme and Framboise piece. Have fun at the meet and congrats on the new Mini Van!
  6. pomme!!! and have fun!! :yahoo:
  7. Pomme!
  8. Pomme Love That Color Too Much
  9. Get the Mini Lin you'll regret it if you don't!
  10. Oh my!

    sorry I really cant help you here, Id be stuck deciding myself, what fab items.

    Hope you have or are having (if you there now) a really fantastic time xxx
  11. pomme!
  12. Mini Lin and have a wonderful time!
  13. 100% pomme
    Pomme D'Amour Key Holder.jpg
  14. Pomme... I just don't care for the Mini Lin.
  15. Pomme!!!!!!!!