Poll: Pls Help! We need help!


Which agenda is better?

  1. Red Epi

  2. Damier Koala

  3. Get something else! (Pls suggest!) ^_^

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  1. Me and LadyStara are going to get the same agenda as a matching pair and have come down to either a Red Epi or a Damier Koala agenda.

    We love the red but we also love the red interior of the damier koala, however, we are anal(very) about the clasp getting scratches. :push: We want to get the agendas heat-stamped and we feel it would look great in gold on the Damier Koala agenda BUT also feel the Epi would wear better... so in short...


    *Off to sleep, it's 2am and for those who know, Jimmy seems so much better today! :smile:
  2. I suggest if you like the red a LE groom agenda in red. The inside is red and you could heat stamp it. I called 866 yesterday and ordered one, they have 9 left. I know you are concerned about scratches and durability but the new red vernis agenda is breathtaking. Good Luck and let us know what you decide.
  3. red agenda. have one love it. hate the scrtaching aspect of the koala.
  4. i just got the vernis agenda in the new red color and heatstamped my initials in it. I am going to pick it up on Friday! I think it looks verry pretty...
  5. Red epi!
  6. I'm gonna say Damier koala. I have one and I love it. I had my initials heat stamped in gold and it looks awesome. I haven't had any scratches on the clasp and I've used it for about 3 months. I'm not gentle with it by any means. I can't believe how brand new it still looks and I've used it every day. how fun to get twinkie agendas!
  7. Red Vernis!
  8. Damier agenda is so cute and not overpowering in pattern.
  9. Damier Koala!
  10. I second this great idea!:yes:
  11. Damier Koala~~~ I have one and love it! Are you going to heat stamp w/gold color?
  12. I like the red epi.. but I'd also vote for the red vernis ;)
  13. I like the Koala more, but you seemed to say more negative things about the Damier so I voted for the Epi. Good luck on whatever you decide :biggrin:
  14. Wow, thanks for all the suggestions! I like the new Pomme color too but I'm not sure how Vernis would wear? I've had previous vernis pieces and I know the stains on them are virtually impossible to get out. >.<

    Anyone got the new Pomme agenda yet? If yes, could you please post pics? Thnx!
  15. I love the red epi! The color is great and its very classy, I would worry about scratching the koala buckle honestly!
    PS...I'm so glad to hear that Jimmy is doing better, I was wondering how things were going! Hugs for you and Jimmy!:heart: