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What to do?

  1. Keep Violet and pass on Rose

  2. Sell Violet and go for IT!

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  1. So I'm in a big rut- huge, like MAJOR DILEMMA-THINK ABOUT IT AT NIGHT-DON'T WANNA REGRET- dilemma..........:crybaby:

    I love my Violet City with giant silver hardware with the utmost appreciation and tenderness!!! (honestly this bag has my heart locked b/c of the super distress leather)...... most of you have seen it in my signature over the holidays....:girlsigh:


    :shame: NVM the clutch (yeeeah- that's a beauty too but I really wanted one in Vert Thyme I think.....:roflmfao:)

    Well--- I'm a SUPER lover of 04-05 leather.... to the max (;)) and I've even bought a metallic magenta first that was extremely lovable too!

    well- I've got the chance to own this baby...............


    sorry if the pic is a little small but trust me the leather is the definition of 04.

    Help a bag addict out! Should I sell Violet to fund this bag??? I'm in some serious need of opinions from my PF gals- you all are so very very helpful!!!!!! :flowers:
  2. I'd keep the violet if I were you. Good luck deciding :smile:
  3. That rose twiggy is TDF. I'm in a similar situation except it's deciding to sell or not to sell my violet step for a petal pink day as my funds are tight. Your violet city is lovely too esp if you're lushing over the leather b/c imo that's what makes or breaks a bag for me. Do you have any other bags sitting in your closet that's not a favorite that you can sell to fund the rose? If you do, I suggest you sell the bags in the closet first as it's just sitting there to get the rose and keep the violet. If that's not an option, then sell the violet city and go for the rose. The rose is more rare and harder to find in mint condition. The violet city will always pop up again on eBay and I saw a lot of violets there but it's just a matter of if your willing to pay a premium or not later on down the line. Thanks what I would do. Good luck in deciding.
  4. Thank you ladies--- very much----keep the votes and comments coming--

    blu- thank you!
    donna- unfortunately there are no bags left to sell off so that's why I'm stuck in the rut....... :crybaby: but thank you for the final thought!
  5. I love violet.. Not a fan of "pink".. Says it all?.. :p
  6. lol- your siggie does chpwhy! is that a two-toned city with GH????!!! :nuts:
  7. My New LOVE!! LOL!


    btw did u watch 30 days of nights. :graucho:
  8. OHHHHHHHH~~~OMG OMG OMG!!! Is that a 04 Rose twiggy?!?! Thats my HG bag!!!!!!!! sooooo pretty:drool:
    You can always buy a violet later, but this baby..you don't see it so often!!!!!
  9. [​IMG]

    I LOVE THIS LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!!! kinda scary b/c I was thinking about this so hard last night!!!!!!!

    is that black suede? and gunmetal HW? Was it GH City retail? 1595?

    ok- I'll hijack my own thread for a bit.... haha
  10. Q--------------------------- :yes: and the handles are perfect- they were de-oiled at LMB and the corners show VERY minimal wear........

    :crybaby: I'm falling out of love with my Violet!

    besides- I've become enticed like a cat to tassels lately! but when I see pictures of a City with 600 tassels I get a bad feeling like I'm just complicating my life so much!

    I know- I'm a nut- bagnut and it's so hard to make sane decisions!!! lol!!
  11. No way, i'd keep the violet! (but i'm a purple shade lover...)
  12. You should get what you love I think rose is pretty but violet is stunning now I am not really a pink lover.
  13. i'm neither a pink nor purple person. am not a twiggy gal either. but i kinda like the rose better. the leather's really unbeatable. as stated by bb10lue, you could always get a violet later. better yet - aim for the eggplant in the earlier year!

  14. NO NO NO...!!! :lecture:KEEP the violet!!!

    since u're a lover of the 04s and 05s, i take it u're a lover of scrumptious leather... the violet leather is predicted to be one of the BEST ever, it just haven't had enough time to break in yet.. i promise you, in years to come the 07 Violet would be very highly sought after! :yes:

    however, i'm not opposed to getting the other one TOO if u like it that much... :p but IMO the pink just doesn't do it for me.. too pepto bismol if you get what i mean... :whistle:
  15. Personally, I would keep the Violet, but if you think you're "falling out of love" with it then it's definitely time to get something you'll love more. As pretty as the Rose is, I frankly like this year's Bubblegum even better (and the leather on mine is unbelievably fab)...