Poll, please--must decide my tomorrow whether to get this bag

  1. It's a pretty bag, but too dressy for my tastes.
  2. I like it! Its sexy!
  3. if you'll carry it, go for it.
    for me, it's also a lil too dressy
  4. i like it. But, if your polling for an answer, do you really like it?

  5. Good question!
  6. too dressy for me !
  7. I think it's nice. Although it appears very dressy, you can tone it down wearing it with cute jeans and a T with a pair of gold sandals.
  8. my sentiments too. If you really like it, get it!
  9. i like it!
  10. i say go for it.. i'd use it!
  11. sorry not a huge fan :/
  12. if you are constantly thinking about it then get it but if not go for something else.
  13. i cant say it is my favorite :smile: but if u love it go for it!!
  14. I like it! Even though I'm not a fan of python, but the color is beautiful!