Poll ...... please help.. this is killing me!


Which tote?

  1. Signature stripe tote (small/medium?) in khaki/ gold

  2. Hertiage stripe tote (medium) in green

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  1. Please help! lol this is driving me crazy!

    the thing is signature stripe gold is one i wanted for a long time, although the only one i could get is the one with the straps all the way down-not exactly my fav but whatever..... the price is 268
    another con is that it doesn't have a zipper..... i like having one just incase i need to use it..... even thought the heritage tote is only a half zipper, it's better than nothing.. kwim?

    now the hertiage tote is pretty much perfect...lol
    it's more expensive... 298, but i also would have the time to save up for it, whereas the signature stripe i would sort of be like get it as fast as possible kwim? i'd have to save alot of money quickly!

    please help!
  2. I would go for the new heritage bag. I see so many signature stripe bags on eBay and they are cheap. You could always buy both and return the one you don't love when you put them side by side. But for me I would say the new heritage because they are TDF! Also I love the colors...the blue is my fave! Hope I helped! :tup:
  3. crap, i HAVE the gold stripe tote and plan on getting the green heritage tote (if i like it in person)

    toss up...but I'll say...the gold can pretty much be a year round, seasonless bag...but no zipper...
  4. The gold sig stripe tote is beautiful, but I'd go with the heritage stripe :tup: Good luck!
  5. I have the parchment sig stripe tote and I really do not use it that often because it only has a little dogleash for a closure and I feel more secure with the zip. And like ashdir103141 said there are a ton of the sig stripe gold bags on eBay. I say go for the heritage stripe in green!
  6. thanks so far guys
    I should also say that i am really not a seasonal person, so green or gold, i'll wear it ALL year long! ha ha ha
    fashion faux pas or not :lecture:
  7. Hard decision! I like the new heritage totes VERY much and the medium is my favorite. Still, I voted the gold sig stripe tote...I LOVE that bag, something about the way Coach does gold :tender:. You really can't go wrong with either of those totes though so get the one that makes you go:yahoo: just a little more.
  8. I know Im probably among the minority but I chose the sig. stripe tote. I love that bag!
  9. Aye! That's a super hard decision!!

    I have the sig stripe tote in black and I LOVE it... so I vote for the gold sig stripe tote. Although it doesn't have a zipper, I've never had a problem with it. I think the heritage tote is cute, but the gold on that other tote is just so gorgeous!! :smile:
  10. i know! oh geeze you guys are no help!
    well i think i will save the money for the gold, and if i can't get it, than i will get the hertigae tote... but i saw somewhere there was a gold hertiage tote.... is this true? anyone confirm?
  11. I like the heritage tote, it is so fresh and would look so cute with some pink charms and a scarf. I like the clean lines. The stripe totes are very common where I live not that that matters really because you should carry what you love but the heritage tote really stands out.
  12. I'm KINDDD of partial because I have a signature stripe khaki/gold and it's my favorite bag ever.
  13. On the Japan website they have blue, green, pink and brown as the colors for the heritage line. I haven't heard or seen gold...but I don't think gold would look right on this bag for some reason. :confused1:
  14. Just my opinion but I would choose the sig stripe tote in gold. I'm just not feelin' the coated canvas of the heritage totes. Probaby very easy care, though.
  15. the gold sig stripe tote will come around next year
    like it does every year
    and maybe they'll update it again in a way more pleasurable to you

    whereas the heritage will not