Poll: Please Help Me Pick A Reissue Colour

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Which colour should I go for?

  1. Red

  2. Gren

  3. Copper

  1. Hello ladies and gents,

    Ive decided my next bag will be the reissue in the medium size (255), however is currently stuck with colour. I've seen all of these colours in real life but have only taken photos of the red. Attacked below photos from both Chanel's website and instagram.

    I love the red but I already have 3 red bags (should I go for another?)
    Im leaning towards the green but is this green classic enough?
    Copper is,I guess, a jazzed up version for red. It's also suitable for winter

    Photo 30-11-2018, 7 47 35 pm.jpg Photo 30-11-2018, 7 47 51 pm.jpg

    Screen Shot 2018-12-17 at 19.28.19.png Photo 17-12-2018, 2 23 17 pm.jpg Photo 17-12-2018, 2 23 28 pm.jpg

    Screen Shot 2018-12-17 at 19.28.31.png

    Many thanks for your votes guys :smile:
  2. Love this red! I know you mentioned you have 3 other red bags, so I guess it's really a matter of do you want more color options and do you use your red bags often enough to get another red!
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  3. My favorite is the red. But if you already have other red bags, my next pick would be the green. But you can't go wrong, they're all stunning!
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  4. I never liked the Reissue, it‘s such an ugly bag IMO.. the regular quilting and black, it just looks old. BUT OMG these colours in the chevron are beautiful!!!
    I never liked green bags but this one is stunning! Also love the red
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  5. red all the way[emoji177]
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  6. Another vote for red [emoji173]️
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  7. This green is gorgeous with the gold hw and the shade makes it almost a neutral that should be easy to dress up/down. It also looks great on you!
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  8. I vote green
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  9. Red! This red goes so well with your skin tone as well.
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  10. Thanks everyone for your votes. I really appreciate it. I went in store to compare the 2 colours again and i feel like i prefer the green. Its really stunning in real life.
    The red is nice but its not a true red, it has more yellow than blue in it.
    Im gonna wait until 1st of jan to get it because of the new points cycle in Harrods.

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  11. Green looks nice on you
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  12. Love chevron reissues, both bags are gorgeous, the green is gorgeous but importantly it looks quite easy to wear, I would go for the green
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  13. I've seen all three in person and of the three I love the green the most. Great choice and I love your pictures!!
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  14. Oh without a doubt, green. So stunning and unique. It will be hard to come by such a fabulous color again.
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  15. Green for me! Goes great with the aged gold hardware.
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