Poll: pick a birkin color blue Lin or vert anis

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  1. Hey all!! Just a fun quick poll which color would you pick for a birkin?

    blue lin Togo or vert anis togo???

    Why?? Love all the thoughts:smile: happy Friday!!!!
  2. Happy Friday!

    Two very different and beautiful colors. I would pick Blue Lin I love that's it's a true Chameleon gives you gray or blue at times and is very versatile year around beautiful neutral. Love it!
  3. I would get the vert anis. It's one of the best/ prettiest H colours imo. Blue lin is pretty too, but it feels like a seasonal colour to me, and it wouldn't stand the test of time.
  4. Very Anis all the way. A gorgeous neutral that is year round. Love!!
  5. blue lin
  6. +1
  7. Vert anis ❤️
  8. Blue lin. Passed on Vert anis in the past
  9. Vert anis
  10. Blue Lin...gorgeous robin's egg color, versatile
  11. Vert anis :love:
  12. Blue lin
  13. Vert Anis. I have one and she is amazing. :smile: she always get compliments and admires when I take her out
  14. Vert anis
  15. Vert anis!!
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