Poll on how to store a bag


How do you store your bag? Does it need to be aired as well?

  1. Store it only in dustbag

  2. Store it in dustbag (and inside of the box it came with)

  3. Bag does not need to be aired (taken out of the closet)

  4. Bag does need to be aired out

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  1. Hello everyone,

    I store my bags in a closet and was wondering, is it better to store it just in the dustbag or in the dustbag (and inside the box it came with)? Does storing it in the box not allow the leather to breathe?

    Also, do they need additional airing? Does it breathe properly in the dustbag and not need any airing? If it does need to be aired (brought out of the closet), do you keep the dustbag on it or take it out completely? How long does it need to be aired? :confused1:
  2. I just store mine in the Dustbag mainly... But I change them out so often they are usually just sitting on my shelf in my closet...
  3. I store all my purses in the dustbag.
  4. i just hang mine in the closet.. i found this cool little hook at the container store
  5. I store each of my bags in their own dustbags....I have a TV entertainment center in our master bedroom that has it's own big cabinet on the bottom, which I refer to as my "Coach Cabinet"!!!! LOLOL... All my bags get stored in there when I am not using them. I dont switch my bags frequently., usually once a season here in NY, and I do not air them out. I do find the dustbags help in keeping them clean, w/o scratches though. :yes: I do the same w/ my Coach wallets and accessories as well!
  6. i was reading the option for the poll. i'm sorta confused by #3. if the bag doesn't need to be aired out, then why is it taken out of the closet?

    well, i have two coach purses. my legacy straw tote is kept in her dust bag and in my closet. right now she's hibernating, because it's starting to turn into winter-ish weather. it started drizzling today. :sad: so she won't be coming out until the sun comes out next year.

    i also have the original blue and brown scarf print pouch. i keep that in the gift box and tissue paper. i didn't get the dust bag for her. i bought her for $60 off craigslist, i was so happy with that steal! i hardly use her though, so she always stays in her coach giftbox and in my closet, so that she doesn't get dusty.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.