Poll on buying fakes

  1. The results for the first choice just sicken me. :throwup:
  2. done! I can't believe the result of the poll..37% of ppl have bought fakes and they think they got great deal for it :cursing:
  3. baaaaaaaaaahhhh!!! :yucky:
  4. The results of the poll are sick, but the fakes in the picture are sicker! (look at that horrible multicolor bag!!)
  5. Maybe we can enlighten them? :idea:

    The only thing is... I'm too lazy to register. :p
  6. And did you read many of their comments? UGH! Trying to justify it, blah, blah, blah....YUCK! :mad:
  7. I was at my local county fair a few weeks back, and they had 5-6 booths selling the same fake bags. I was so sick I had to leave w/o watching the fire works.
  8. Oh my on that "MC"
  9. This really sickens me,
    I'm not even going to sign up because i hate always having to tell people how wrong fakes are.
  10. Ick. Just... ick. :yucky:
  11. wth is that thing under the mc?? of course the cerises and mc makes me totally ill as it is.
  12. yep, the MC is the worst. they never get mc right. all the more to separate the fakes from the real...
  13. :yucky:
  14. :tdown:People that purchase these counterfeit bags, are more fake then the bags. :shame: